Fargo Fever (with Dana Gonzales and Matt Allard) on The Go Creative Show


Last Updated: June 5, 2014 9:06 pm GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--June 5, 2014) On Ben Consoli's Go Creative Show, Ben speaks with Dana Gonzales, the brilliant cinematographer and Director of Photography for the FX television series FARGO. Dana shares his experience on the set of FARGO and his other work in television and film. Dana also speaks openly about his career and the state of Hollywood today, sharing helpful tips on how to break into the film industry. Plus, Ben and Dana discuss the value of a second unit crew is and how Dana's work on the Academy Award-winning film CRASH became a focal point of the film.

Some of the key topics include:
  • Is FARGO on FX anything like the film?
  • The challenges of shooting in Canada... in the winter!
  • What is a second unit in the film world?
  • How to make yourself valuable on set
  • Dana’s cinematography work on the academy award winning film CRASH
  • Dana’s latest documentary That Which I Love Destroys Me
  • What Cohen Brothers films influenced FARGO on FX… It wasn’t just Fargo
  • When to use wideshots
  • Dana’s thoughts on the MOVI

Also in this episode, Matt Allard from NewsShooter.com chimes in for a discussion on how social media and journalism coexist, and talks about his experience with the Panasonic 4K Varicam 35.

Dana Gonzales Official Homepage
That Which I Love Destroys Me Official Webpage
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