The Tiffen Company to Showcase New Products From Steadicam, Domke, DFX and Lowel Lines at 2014 CE Week


Tiffen Will Celebrate This Year’s CE Week Presence with Exclusive Looks at Revered Imaging Accessories and a Special Reception for The Media

Last Updated: June 5, 2014 5:39 pm GMT
(Hauppauge, New York--June 5, 2014) The Tiffen Company, a leading manufacturer of award-winning imaging accessories, will be showcasing its celebrated product lineup once again at this year’s CE Week. The industry’s official mid-year conference and new technology showcase, CE Week will be held in New York City at the Metropolitan Pavilion from June 23rd through June 27th, with line shows and exhibits taking place on June 25th and 26th. Tiffen will be showcasing its award-winning digital imaging accessories at booth #50 with Tiffen technology experts on hand to answer questions and host product demonstrations.

An Exclusive Look at New Tiffen Imaging Accessories
Tiffen will have a number of its most popular products on hand for trial, including the following hot new imaging accessories:

Tiffen Dfx v4
Simulating 2,000+ popular award-winning Tiffen glass filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction plus natural light and photographic effects, Tiffen Dfx digital effects suite is the definitive set of digital optical filters for any photographer or video editor. The new Tiffen Dfx v4 release adds 12 new visual effects plugins, 93 new historical photographic processes, 30 new motion picture film stocks, a dramatic speed increase in GPU acceleration, state-of-the-art floating point precision for a non-destructive workflow, and vivid Retina display support for Mac.

Domke Next Generation
Domke Next Generation brings evolutionary features to the trusted Domke name. These revolutionary bags, with functionality as the core design inspiration, integrate the patent-pending GearProtex and PocketFlex systems for personalizing, protecting and accessing your valuable gear.

Steadicam CURVE for GoPro
Steadicam CURVE for GoPro is a stealth camera stabilizing system from the Academy Award-winning Steadicam® family of products. Designed for action-packed, one-handed GoPro® camera shoots, CURVE’s compact form factor gives GoPro users the freedom to shoot shake-free video using Steadicam’s legendary stabilization technology, as well as lock the camera to frame for rock solid stabilization on the wildest of GoPro adventures. Weighing in at a mere half-pound, the compact handle folds up small enough to fit in your back pocket.

Steadicam Smoothee for Everyone
Now shoot smooth videos and sharp still pictures anywhere – with the Steadicam Smoothee presently designed and engineered to work with your Apple® iPhone (3Gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5s), iPod touch (Gen. 4), GoPro® HERO® (original, 2, 3 and 3+), and Drift action cameras (HD170 Stealth, HD, HD720, HD Ghost and Ghost-S). Based on the same technology as the big $60,000 rigs used in Hollywood, the Smoothee allows anyone to capture incredible video and still images without the shakes normally associated with hand-held video shot on the go, right out of the box, the very first time.

Lowel LED Family of Lights
The Lowel PRO Power LED is the perfect solution to run and gun location lighting. Its powerful output and wide focus range Fresnel lens allow you to light from greater distance, getting more of the location into your shot.

The Lowel GL-1 Power LED is a powerful, handheld, focusable and dimmable, photo-quality tungsten color light. It was designed as an innovative tool for the wedding, event and location portrait still photographer. With high ISO cameras allowing them to shoot in lower light locations, the GL-1 puts just the right amount of light exactly where they need it, from up close, or at a distance. Its dimming and focusing versatility also makes it popular with architectural time-lapse light painting photographers.

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About Tiffen
Tiffen has been a leading manufacturer of photographic filters, lens accessories, software, and camera accessories for the consumer/professional imaging and the motion picture and broadcast television industries for 75 years. The company has a rich history of innovative product design, superior optical consistency, and unparalleled quality. Tiffen has been recognized for its product and engineering excellence, earning a Technical Achievement Award and a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, as well as multiple Emmy® Awards. Today, the company offers a wide range of products, which include: Tiffen® filters, Steadicam® camera stabilizing systems, Lowel® light, Listec® teleprompters, Tiffen Dfx® digital imaging software, Domke® bags, Davis & Sanford® tripods, Zing® camera covers, Stroboframe® flash brackets, Saunders® professional trimmers, and Kodak Wratten® filters. Tiffen continues to enhance its reputation as a leading imaging accessory manufacturer through aggressive growth in the image-making accessory industry.

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