Sugar’s Smith Captures First Date Awkwardness And Joyous ‘Drifting’ For Tire Rack


Last Updated: June 5, 2014 6:11 pm GMT
(Santa Monica, California--June 5, 2014) Sugar Film Production director Chris Smith delivers a potentially romantic and possibly awkward tryst, and a weekend warrior ‘drifter’ in the comical new :30s “First Date” and “Racing” for Tire Rack out of The Richards Group. “First Date” features a man’s inaugural outing with a beautiful, smitten woman parked at the beach. Everything looks to be going swimmingly until we see something that could derail the romance. “Racing” showcases a man racing joyously—and waggishly—through a challenging autocross course.

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“First Date” opens on said couple watching a sunset at the beach. The romance is palpable. A voiceover begins, “This is Bob. Bob’s on a first date so he’s not thinking about where to buy his next set of tires. But if he were, all he’d need to know is… but Bob’s not thinking about tires. Bob’s thinking, ‘Should I tell her about that thing in her teeth?’” The woman smiles, revealing a large “thing” on her front tooth. Worry washes over Bob’s face as the Tire Rack logo closes out the spot.

“Racing” opens on the aforementioned man drifting through the course. A voiceover announces, “This is Kenny. Kenny is a dentist, but he races autocross on the weekends.” Kenny careens through the cones, captured with graceful slow-motion and exuberant crane shots. The voiceover continues, “Kenny’s not thinking about tires right now… he’s thinking ‘oh man, oh man, oh man! This is awesome.’” Smith used a drift champion stunt driver in a Beverly Hills parking lot to stage the artfully composed, “Racing.”

Additional Tire Rack :30s include “Teen Girl” and “Mynah Bird.” The latter features a man stuck in a car with an irritating bird, not thinking about tires because he knows Tire Rack can take care of everything tire related. “Teen Girl” features two young girls worrying about a prom date, not tires.

About Sugar Film Production
Committed to achieving excellence on each project they tackle, and fostering an attitude-free company culture, Dallas/Santa Monica-based Sugar Film Production forges long-term client relationships through a welcoming work environment and spectacular results. Since 2001, Sugar has produced work for national clients including Shell, Ford, Pepperidge Farm, Anheuser Busch, Bridgestone, McDonalds and Sony Ericsson. Seasoned director Chris Smith leads the creative team, crafting engaging advertising projects through stunning visual narrative.

Client: The Tire Rack
Vice President: Matt Edmonds
Title: “First Date” and “Racing” :30 x2

Agency: The Richards Group
Creative Director/Writer: Bill Cochran
Creative Director/Art Director: Patrick Murray
Brand Management: Kim Berardi
Brand Management, Principal: Rob VanGorden
Broadcast Producer: Carol Leftwich
Broadcast Business Manger: Michael Sonnier
Production: Sugar Film Production
Director: Chris Smith
Executive Producer: Tony Miglini
Line Producer: Michelle Isbell

Editorial: Sugar Film Production


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