Marquis’ Launches Second Major Industry Survey Following Successful Roundtable


Last Updated: June 9, 2014 5:13 pm GMT
(Pangbroune, Berkshire--June 9, 2014) Marquis Media Partners has today announced it has launched the second in its series of major industry surveys designed to expose and explore the key challenges facing the broadcast sector. The results of the first study were revealed last month at a successful roundtable held at the Groucho Club in Soho which was attended by leaders in the media industry.

Discussion also raised further questions about the future of broadcast which will be explored in the new survey, which can be found online at

“As leading broadcast consultants we have some clear ideas about the main challenges that media organisations currently face,” explains Andrew Ioannou, partner, Marquis Media Partners. “However, our initial study was able to quantify this and rank issues in terms of what is important to the broadcasters.. We shared the information as part of our roundtable and it will continue to help us work with organisations to address these concerns on behalf of our international client base.”

In the first survey, CTOs, directors, VP’s and other industry executives were questioned about their businesses’ most pressing issues and ‘changes in consumer viewing habits’ was shown to be their greatest business challenge, while ‘content management and distribution across multiple platforms’ led in terms of the greatest operational and technology challenges faced by the industry today.

“The original survey showed 55% of the respondents said ‘changes in consumer viewing habits and preferences’ was the greatest business challenge facing their organisation,” confirms Ioannou. “This revealed that responding to viewers’ changing demands for content: whether that is the variety of material or distribution platform preferences, is broadcasters’ main concern over other issues such as cost or resource management for example In other words, broadcasters are thinking about delivering the right product in the right format to viewers and this driving their business and operational thinking.

“In the second survey we will tackle more themes that came out of the roundtable discussion and look at how organisations plan to tackle the issues of meeting customer demand and changing viewing habits,” concludes Ioannou. ”We anticipate some further insightful feedback and look forward to sharing our findings at another industry event in the near future.”

For further information about the original survey please go to

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