Engine Virtual Film Company Launches; Innovative Fuel Drinkers Ignite Digital Future


Last Updated: June 9, 2014 6:28 pm GMT
(California, United States--June 9, 2014) Engine Virtual Film Company, a brand-new, creative content and production company, has been launched by Creative Director/Partner Gary Nueman. Having worked with some of the brightest and most ground-breaking creative agencies in the world, including Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, Nueman has hand-selected his company’s new Directorial roster which includes the talents of Nueman himself, as well as Noah Harald, David Mahmoudieh, Scott McCullough, Kevin McVey, and Andrew Rydzewski.

Described as a collection of “modern-day storytellers,” Engine Virtual Film Company communicates through new media platforms concentrating on Digital, Branded Entertainment, or as Nueman notes: “whatever new technology comes ‘round the bend. In the end, we see everything as content. And we make thought-provoking candy for the eyes,” he explains.

Already tapped for several new, innovative projects prior to its official launch, Engine Virtual Film Company is currently writing and shooting a Hard Rock Energy campaign to be released in Summer 2014, led by Director Kevin McVey. Together, Nueman and McVey are co-writing/directing an Audi spot for digital agency AKQA. Director/Writer David Mahmoudieh is currently in development with Neve Campbell on a network series entitled “Rain.” Nueman also has a television show in development called “Pop-Up Showdown,” and is in the process of pitching it to a host of networks. Additionally, Engine was just awarded a branded entertainment assignment out of New York City with a high-profile celebrity and David Mahmoudieh as both Writer/Director. The project includes two digital films, and production through postproduction and final delivery.

“Gary has single-handedly pulled together a fierce group of talents,” comments DJ Fox, who is helping to launch Engine as Director of Brand Development. “Gary is a creative force unto himself, and he has built an initial group of solid, as well as up-and-coming talents – each with very unique voices.”

In addition to offering full-service production, Engine Virtual Film Company is also able to concept and write client-direct projects. “We plan on making this a big part of our repertoire,” adds Nueman. “Because of the versatility we have within Engine, we are able to offer these services to ad agencies and end clients directly.”

Under Nueman’s leadership, prior to launch, Engine Virtual Film Company has also developed informal partnerships with design & animation studios, edit houses, and other creative service companies that will serve clients both creatively and fiscally. ”This gives us the latitude to take almost any project pre-post,” he details. The company is also Virtual, which Nueman notes gives them flexibility: “We can acquire space on an as-needed basis, which can translate into favorable economies of scale for our clients.”

Director Kevin McVey points out, when he first met with Nueman his industry experience, energy and enthusiasm is “definitely infectious.” McVey continues: “The whole team at Engine absolutely loves the filmmaking process -- no matter how big or small the project, and this goes a long way in my book.”

With a significant background shooting music videos for a wide range of musical genres, from Sublime to Megadeth, McVey has shot commercial projects for an eclectic group of global brands including Chrysler and Tommy Hilfiger. Currently working on this new series of spots from Florida-based Enterprise Beverage and their launch of a new line of energy drink called Hard Rock Energy!, McVey notes: “What makes this project so exciting for me is that, even though Hard Rock is such a strongly identifiable brand, the marketing team at EB didn't think twice about being very outside the box. From the outset, they made it clear to everyone that they wanted to do something completely unexpected. As a Director, this is music to your ears. So, to that end, we're developing a branding campaign that has at its center new and upcoming bands from different musical genres from all over the country. It's all coming together as spots that are one part music video, one part dynamic product imagery, with some highly stylized visuals thrown in for good measure.”

Director Scott McCullough -- who has just won a prestigious Addy Award for his recent Pepsi/SNL commercial entitled “Countdown to Now” from the American Advertising Federation, as well as four 2014 Telly Awards for other projects – was impressed by Nueman’s forward-looking eye. “This industry has changed, and I like that Gary is ahead of that curve,” says the Director, nationally recognized for his automotive commercial work. “I see in Gary someone who is committed to storytelling and production quality, which is important. Anyone can pick up a camera, but when you connect talent with experience, then you really have something to bring to the table if you are given the opportunity.”

Recently re-located to the States from the U.K., Writer/Director David Mahmoudieh was strategically looking to join “a small, specialized company” when he found Engine Virtual Film Company. “I could see immediately that Gary pulled no punches; and understood the industry quite well and where it is headed. We share a like-minded philosophy that the quality of the work comes first, and that really appealed to me.” Like Nueman, David also works across genres and has been developing a television series with Neve Campbell called “Rain” about a girl who has an allergy to water. “Being able to work as a Filmmaker in all genres and putting the concept first, no matter what the budget is -- that inspires me.”

For Director/DP Andrew Rydzewski, he represents a new generation of filmmakers who are unaware of any genres or categories. “With the increase in brand-integration, there are so many opportunities out there for filmmakers to make great stories and have it become a branded film or sponsored content. I love blurring lines, and getting to the point in the future where there are no lines,” he concludes.

For more information on Engine Virtual Film Company, check out the company’s web site at: http://www.fueledbyengine.com Or Follow them via Social Media:


Creative Director Gary Nueman: Gary grew up on the snow-driven streets of Montreal, strapping on ice skates the day he yanked out his binkie. In his early days, Gary had dreams of becoming a professional hockey player. But Gary's dreams were shattered at 12 when his parents decided to move the family to the desert streets of Scottsdale, Arizona. With no ice within 1,123 miles, Gary decided to pick up a guitar and become a rock star. During this time, Gary honed his skills of self-expression through the art of songwriting and countless, ear-numbing nights of gigs throughout Los Angeles. During this time, he began writing & shooting short films while earning his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.

Upon graduation, Gary assembled a small team of young advertising professionals and promptly were awarded two, full-service branding assignments which included writing & shooting a handful of TV spots. Since that time, Gary has worked for creatively driven giants Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide & Goodby, Silverstein & Partners collaborating on high-profile brands such as Budweiser, Sprint, Comcast, Toyota, Hyundai, Got Milk, HP, Subway, Drug Free America and more.

Today, now over two years in the making, Gary has readied Engine Virtual Film Company for launch, assembling a group of modern-day storytellers, powerhouse imaginations & directorial acumen.

Gary continues to watch hockey from the comfort of his own home, often screaming like a crazed Canuck when the Montreal Canadians fail to score a critical power-play goal. Gary would also like you to know that he doesn't follow-up everything he says with the letter "a," nor does he much care for Labatt's Blue, muttering something about toilet water at the end of this interview.

Director Noah Harald: Noah Harald is a Director and Filmmaker who has been in love with the moving image since his father got in trouble with his mother for bringing him to see “Goodfellas” at age 9. Since then, Noah has made a name for himself as a multiple award-winning Director and Filmmaker. He brings his unique taste for highly visual storytelling to the commercial world with a growing career working with brands such as Sony, Adidas & Doritos. Noah has also won film festival awards and online acclaim, as well as garnered an MTV Movie Award nomination. As a narrative Filmmaker, Noah is developing several feature film properties, and recently premiered his feature “Speak Now” at The Austin Film Festival. Noah is also the owner/maintainer of a glorious full beard.

Director David Mahmoudieh: A multi award-winning Director with almost a decade of experience across film, TV, commercials, music videos and branded entertainment, David grew up on the hero cultures of John Carpenter, Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis – master storytellers who all left their influence on him and his work. David is currently hard at work writing and directing “Rain,” a six-part cinematic journey about a young girl with an allergy to water. The film stars Neve Campbell & Dakota Richards.

Recently David’s teleplay SEASIDE SAMURAI was nominated as a finalist for the Emmy Foundation’s Sir Peter Ustinov Television Writing Award, and is currently being adapted into a feature that David will Direct. On the Commercial front, David has worked with brand names such as Google, Samsung & Kia. He’s also shot a number of music videos for artists such as Coldplay, Davina Leone and Marina & The Diamonds. Originally from the U.K., David now calls Los Angeles home, where he lives with his wife and 2 cats that David insists are afflicted with feline ADHD!

Director Scott McCullough: Born in Minneapolis, and based in Los Angeles, Scott McCullough is a very pragmatic, stylistic and contemporary storyteller with visual foundation in art and design. His awards and repeat Fortune 500 clientele consistently garner high praise. While studying architecture, advertising, film theory and art at University of Minnesota School of Journalism, rock icon Prince discovered McCullough’s unique abilities of shooting, rooted in musical talents from a young age. The speed and stylistic approach kept McCullough working with Prince for three years on projects like Sexy MF, Gett Off and Diamonds and Pearls home videos where he was honored for collaborations on 8 RIAA Gold certifications and continual work with George Clinton, Carmen Electra, Colby O’Donnis, Mizz Nina and many more.

McCullough was then enlisted to write, direct, shoot and edit the first-ever 70mm NASCAR film “Thunder Dome 100%” for RJ Reynolds, which was considered the world’s largest mobile theater. His esthetic for motion, action and speed continued with most of the world’s top drivers, including the legendary Paul Newman, Richard Petty, Dale Ernhardt, Jeff Gordon and most of the top NASCAR drivers today.

McCullough steered his commercial directing career initially hired by Target, and several One Show awards followed. He continues work for clients like Pepsi, Ford, NASCAR, GM, Polaris, Jeep, Kumho Tires, Coors and Budweiser. He has been honored at the AICP, Addy’s, Effie’s, Vision, Auroras, Cannes, Telly's (18-times), Adweek’s “Best of the Year,” and much more. Several amazing feature films are on the horizon among Scott’s commitment to compelling commercials and branded content opportunities.

Director Kevin McVey: Not long after his parents bought their first Super 8 film camera, Director Kevin McVey had assembled a neighborhood cast of family and friends for what was to be his “directorial debut.” But Kevin neglected to let everyone in on one minor detail: there wasn’t any film in the camera! In spite of this (or maybe because of it) Kevin has become an award-winning music video and commercial director whose work has appeared on MTV, MTV2, VH1, FUSE, CMT, and BET. Kevin has twice been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award and has won several festival honors including the Los Angeles Music Awards (LAMA) and Creepfest, both for “Best Music Video of the Year.” Commercial clients have included Chrysler, Tommy Hilfiger, and The Magic Johnson Foundation, and Hard Rock International, among others.

Director/DP Andrew Rydzewski: In 2009, the largest fire in L.A.’s history took a stroll through Andrew’s neighborhood and left a smoldering pile of embers where all of his possessions used to be. With the bulk of his directing work transformed into a heap of dust, Andrew hit the road and traveled around the world as a Cinematographer Hobo. During his travels, he worked on Alexander Payne’s “The Descendants,” shot time-lapse for “CSI: NY” and shot the feature “The Wine of Summer” in Barcelona. After shooting another feature, some commercials and several shorts, Andrew finally returned to L.A. Since his return, Andrew has been obsessively honing his Directorial craft. He recently directed two pilots, including the CW pitch pilot, “Apartment of the Dead” which caught the eye of Engine Virtual Film Company. With no approaching fires on the horizon Andrew has, lesson learned, started storing his work safely in the cloud. Over the last 12 years, Andrew has accrued two Masters degrees and his hometown of Boston, better known as Titletown, has added 6 more Championships.

Director of Brand Development DJ Fox: With years of entertainment industry experience and an enormous amount of contacts (she knows anyone and everyone!), DJ Fox is helping to launch Engine Virtual Film Company as Director of Brand Development. DJ started her career as a model-actress and made the segue to behind-the-scenes in audio postproduction, rising up through the ranks at Margarita Mix, POP Sound, and Eleven to become an Executive Producer/Managing Director of Sales/Marketing/Branding. DJ made the transition to Editorial/VFX a year-and-a-half ago joining Butcher Editorial. DJ’s great passions include her two children, music, and her work as a voice-over artist. Her dedication to high-quality client service is unparalleled, as well as her incredibly positive spirit and generosity.


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