“Duchamp”, Directed by Sai Selvarajan, Premiers At UK & US Festivals


Short Film Stars Exitmusic’s Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church

Last Updated: June 11, 2014 5:47 pm GMT
(London, United Kingdom--June 11, 2014) "Duchamp," a silent short film directed by Lucky Post Editor Sai Selvarajan, enjoys its World Premier at London’s East End Film Festival (June 13 – 25) and its US Premier at the Oak Cliff Film Festival (June 19-22) in Texas.

Concepted and written by Sai Selvarajan and Mark Coppage, the film stars real life husband and wife Aleksa Palladino (Manny & Lo, Boardwalk Empire) and musician Devon Church who make up the band Exitmusic. The film is a love story. It's a distance between us, silence surrounds us love story. The silence is frightening because words can't break it. Words get lost in the distance, no matter how close you are. Three feet is a billion miles. This is that love story. It's not the end. The silent destruction is over. Closing the distance begins. The distance dissipates through song. The music between us heals us. The music between us lets us begin again. See the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/97364340

“I wanted to create a film that I hoped would speak volumes without words,” comments Selvarajan. “The absence of sound is challenging for viewers and can have a profound effect on perception and emotion. Duchamp explores this as a metaphor for the relationship between two people, and casting real life partners made the film complete.”

The project was edited at Lucky Post by Elizabeth Moore who worked closely with Selvarajan on the cut.

“I wanted an editor partner rather than cut the film myself,” explains Selvarajan. “Elizabeth crafted an amazing edit, one that builds with the action and creates emotion without the benefit of sound. It was great to see the film through her perspective.”

Now, Selvarajan is excited to see the film through the eyes of the festival audience. For more on the festivals and upcoming screenings, please visit:

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