Thai State Broadcaster MCOT Adds Five New HD Television Channels with PlayBox Technology


Attached 300 DPI Image Shows the New PlayBox Technology High-Definition Playout System in Operation at MCOT, Thailand

Last Updated: June 17, 2014 1:49 pm GMT
(Bangkok, Thailand--June 17, 2014) Thai state-owned television broadcaster MCOT has chosen a PlayBox Technology digital playout system as the core of a new five-channel high-definition service. The new system was designed, installed and commissioned at the MCOT's Bangkok headquarters by PlanetComm, the Thai partner of PlayBox Technology.

"MCOT were impressed by the stability and multiformat capabilities of the PlayBox Technology AirBox playout server as well as the system's ease of use," comments PlanetComm Technical Manager, Mr. Natthaphol. "MCOT needed to handle MOV files from Sony XDCAM422 sources as well as high definition MXF and standard definition DV25 MOV content. The solution we have provided exactly matches the requirements of the channel's fully file-based workflow.

"The system we have installed comprises ten AirBox high-definition servers configured as five main and five backup. We have also integrated five CaptureBox dual channel HD servers, five TitleBox character generators, a Multi Playout Manager and an AlarmBox. Reliable post-sale technical support and the potential for future system expansion are obviously key requirements for any modern broadcast playout system. We are able to meet all these requirements from our own Bangkok headquarters."

AirBox provides automated content playout for satellite channels, cable head-ends, over-the-air broadcasters and corporate TV users. In its automated playout mode, AirBox allows fixed-time scheduling for weeks ahead. AirBox can be used for live production as well as automated playout. Every clip in the playlist, except the one currently playing, can be trimmed, edited or repositioned seamlessly without stopping the current playout session.

CaptureBox can handle a wide range of input signals, accepting HD/SD SDI, analogue sources and MPEG transport streams. Four video sources can be monitored on a single screen and controlled via a new streamlined user interface. Audio levels can be monitored as loudness/true-peak displays and adjusted when required. The ingested materials are available for playback seconds after ingest commences. The feature set also includes capture list import from third-party traffic systems, support for CEA-608/708 closed-captioning and automated VTR control via RS-422 with batch-capture listing.

TitleBox delivers on-air graphics which can be controlled interactively. Multi-layered simultaneous crawls, rolls, animated logos, clocks and text templates can be activated by a mouse click. TitleBox provides total control during on-air session, including text selection, running speed and transitions.

Multi Playout Manager (MPM) is a fully assignable monitoring and control system with rights management for multiple AirBox channels from one or more Internet-connected PCs, locally or from anywhere in the world via IP. MPM is a networked workflow solution created for multi-channel playout centres to monitor and control all channels locally and assign full or restricted rights for any of the TV channels to one or more people to remotely monitor and/or control the TV channels from a remote PC, tablet, mobile phone or similar device.

AlarmBox provides a wide range of possibilities for the automated distribution of messages; delivering fully automated alarm messaging wherever they are needed via a range of channels such as email, cell phone, or SNMP. It automatically distributes and delivers messages from many sources to a variety of output destinations as defined by user setups. Multiple alarm messages can be sent to one output or one message can be simultaneously distributed to multiple outputs. Actions such as GPI triggering or external command can also be performed, based on the details of any specific alarm.

About MCOT
The MCOT Public Limited Company or MCOT plc ( ) is a Thai state-owned public broadcaster. It owns and operates a number of radio and television stations in Thailand, based in Bangkok. MCOT currently operates seven national, one international, 1 district and 52 provincial radio stations plus two free-to-air terrestrial television channels and two satellite television channels. MCOT recently received a license for a new high-definition digital television channel and a standard-definition Family Channel

About PlayBox Technology
PlayBox Technology ( ) is an international communications and information-technology company serving the broadcast, corporate and digital signage markets in more than 100 countries. It is dedicated to the research, design, development and provision of the best products, systems, solutions and services. With over 14,000 TV and branding channels powered by PlayBox Technology, the chances are you will have experienced our broadcast solutions for yourself. Users cover a wide range of today’s broadcast activities and include start-up TV channels, webcasters, DVB (IP/ASI) TV channels, interactive TV and music channels, film channels, remote TV channels and disaster recovery channels as well as satellite, local, regional, national and international broadcasters.


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