Frankie Adds Two Entry-Level Plans, Improves Pro Version


Three Tiers Make the Browser-Based Video Review Tool Accessible to a Wider Array of Users

Last Updated: June 18, 2014 6:00 pm GMT
(Adelaide, Australia--June 18, 2014) Due to popular demand, Frankie has introduced new pricing plans for its video review-and-approval system, starting at just $49 per month. Frankie has also added new features and doubled quotas for our existing customers worldwide. With three levels of service, Frankie now caters to everyone from individual freelancers to the largest studios.

All three plans allow unlimited users, unlimited reviews, access to Frankie’s powerful annotating drawing and comment tools and real-time synchronized reviews. Every review is automatically saved as you go, so there’s never a chance of losing work.

The BASIC plan offers freelance artists and small studios an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of Frankie reviews. Allowing two simultaneous reviewers, working on one project together, this plan gives 5 GB of storage for files up to 100 MB and costs only $49/month.

“We loved using Frankie from the first time we tried it, and it’s been a boon especially on our bigger international jobs,” said Nick Wright, director at Airbag Productions, a production and post studio in Melbourne that creates commercials, films, animation and VFX. “With these new plans, we’re looking forward to adopting Frankie as part of our standard tool set on every job.”

In addition to larger storage (20 GB) and project quotas, the PLUS plan also adds Frankie’s vaunted PDF summary, zoom and pan features, full-screen viewing mode and custom branding, bringing professional polish to the review-and-approval process. Each PDF summary contains all comments, notes and marked-up screenshots, all of which are frame accurate, making it an excellent record of a review session. A PLUS subscription costs $99/month.

“The PDF summary is the single most important part of the system,” said Peter van Jaarsveld, managing director at Embassy, a South African production and post company. “The PDF acts as a full stop, removing a lot of the subjectivity from the review, and helps avoid miscommunication about direction. We give our clients a day or two to look it over and see if anything had been missed. It is lovely to have it as a reminder and to show clients the feedback they gave us, leaving less room for interpretation.”

PRO – The Frankie you already know, with new features
The PRO plan is the Frankie that so many production companies, ad agencies and post studios are already familiar with. It provides the complete feature set, but now with greatly increased storage (50 GB) and project quotas to accommodate the review-and-approval process at busy agencies and studios. The price of the PRO version is unchanged, at $249/month.

New to this version, guests can download and upload media files within reviews, making it easy for them to contribute reference videos and images to explain their feedback. There’s also a third-party integration mechanism that enables data from reviews to be exported easily to other systems. As well, because many current Frankie customers are using the tool during sales pitches, the new version offers a presentation mode that gives the host complete control over the session.

“Frankie simplifies the sales pitch process tremendously, allowing our clients to focus on the images and their comments, instead of having to deal with more technical issues that they might not be familiar with,” said André Ü Montambeault, head of advertising/creative director at Rodeo FX in Montreal. “There is no need to upload files onto the client’s server – everything is accessible from the web.”

Trial plan
New users can try Frankie free for 21 days, using the fully featured trial account. This watermarked version can be converted to one of the paid plans during or after the trial. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. For detailed information on the feature set of each plan, or to sign up for a free trial, visit

Cospective, maker of Frankie and cineSync Pro
Cospective is the creator of innovative software solutions to visual communication challenges. Frankie is used for real-time video review using standard web browsers and is ideally suited for short-form content produced by ad agencies, production companies and post houses. cineSync Pro is the Academy Award®-winning synchronized review-and-approval tool used for major film productions, including such films as Gravity. Cospective is a privately held company based in Adelaide, Australia. For more information about cineSync and Frankie, visit Follow us on or at @FrankieReview


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