John Meyer Honored with the Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award


Last Updated: June 24, 2014 2:36 am GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--June 24, 2014) InfoComm International®, the leading professional audiovisual trade association representing the professional audiovisual industry, is pleased to announce that John Meyer has been honored with the Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award. The award was presented at InfoComm 2014, the top annual commercial audiovisual trade show taking place June 14-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since founding Meyer Sound in 1979, John Meyer, currently the CEO of Meyer Sound, has led an engineering team that has revolutionized sound reinforcement through the design, manufacture, and use of linear loudspeakers, setting new benchmarks for performance and reliability in the process. While many of Meyer’s innovations appeared radical at first, many of his ideas became industry norms. This includes Meyer Sound’s self-powered sound reinforcement loudspeakers, a breakthrough for the company when first introduced in the 1990s. Over the 19 years the company has been making large-scale self-powered systems, the industry has come to understand and accept the advantages of the self-powered idea, and many other manufacturers have since begun building self-powered products that Meyer helped in developing.

Prior to the introduction of the self-powered systems, John Meyer pioneered the development of dedicated electronic processing to optimize speaker performance. In 1999, Meyer introduced the PSW-6 High-Power Cardioid Subwoofer, which used a unique six-woofer enclosure (four front/two rear) and sophisticated phase-manipulation circuitry to achieve a cardioid directional pattern, delivering more bass energy to the audience and less unwanted LF reverb in the room and on stage. Most recently, Meyer Sound has introduced the Constellation acoustic system, widely regarded as the most sophisticated and refined approach to electroacoustic architecture.

John Meyer’s innovations in the AV world over the years have changed how loudspeakers are built. John Meyer’s consistent commitment to linearity has significantly improved the live audio industry’s quality standards over the years. With a linear loudspeaker system, the sound coming out is the same as the sound going in — only louder — with no other changes to the signal. This concept, which faced daunting technological hurdles 30 years ago, has come closer to full realization through John Meyer’s relentless pursuit of innovative solutions. Meyer's efforts, always centered on improving the audience experience, have significantly raised the audio standards in all of these areas.

This pursuit of pure, natural sound reproduction drives John Meyer above all else, and is a testament to his commitment to perfection and his penchant for refusing to be confined by traditional ways of thinking.

“Innovative thinking has been critical to the sustained growth and maturation of the audiovisual industry,” said David Labuskes, CTS®, RCDD, Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International. “Luminaries like John Meyer continue to lead the way by combining technical know-how with imagination, and InfoComm is pleased to recognize these inspiring influencers.”

The Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award is issued annually by InfoComm International to current or former employees of InfoComm member companies who have made an important contribution to the science of audiovisual technology, whether as an inventor or thought leader who advanced the development of a new product, segment or service of the AV industry.


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