"Louie Land" (With Paul Koestner and Nate Weber)


Last Updated: June 24, 2014 6:01 pm GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--June 24, 2014) Ben Consoli on the Go Creative Show speaks with Paul Koestner, Director of Photography for the hit comedy series "Louie" on FX. Paul talks about the challenges and rewards of shooting for the brilliant comedic mind of Louie CK, working with Red Cameras and why the cast and crew of "Louie" hardly ever rehearse. Plus Nate Weber talks all about CineGear 2014!

Spotlight: Paul Koestner
Paul Koestner is to the production world what Louie CK is to comedy. As Director of Photography for the hit FX series, Louie, Paul has raised the bar and changed the game for TV sitcoms, creating what will certainly go down in history as one of the greatest comedic television shows. Paul and I discuss his lighting techniques, shooting on RED cameras and more. Paul also talks candidly about the rewards and challenges of working with Louie CK and how shooting effective comedy means keeping it fresh for the actors and the crew.

  • Shooting Comedy
  • Keeping it “fresh” by not rehearsing
  • When to shoot profile
  • Shooting NYC
  • The mind of Louie CK
  • Shooting on RED Cameras
  • Paul’s lighting techniques
  • What is Pig Newton?
  • Why Paul hates camera sliders

Paul’s Facebook Page
Paul’s Book On The Wind And A Prayer
Nate Weber’s production company Natums.com
Official website for BC Media Productions.com



Re: News: "Louie Land" (With Paul Koestner and Nate Weber)
by Mark Suszko
If Louie doesn't win a fist full of Emmys this year, the world is a messed-up place. Some really brilliant stuff these past several episodes, deeply peering into the human condition, finding humor in there but oh so much more.
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