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Mistika is a tough 2D act to follow in Shakespeare's Globe's 2014 Theatre Season

Last Updated: June 25, 2014 4:40 am GMT
(London, United Kingdom--June 25, 2014) Experienced freelance Colourist and Online Editor Ian Grey was responsible for the stylish 2D colour grading using Mistika at BTV Post for Globe on Screen's three titles for Shakespeare’s Globe’s 2014 theatre season.

Colourist Ian Grey at London's BTV for Globe on Screen. Courtesy of Shakespeare’s Globe via BTV Post.

The plays include the playwright's most popular and well-known works:- A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Macbeth and The Tempest, which were recently released through the Arts Alliance Media. 2D Grading, mastering and deliverables, including conversion for cinema, were completed at BTV Post. Grading which was achieved by Ian, with mastering and deliverables handled by BTV Post’s digital media services department.

Ian Grey talks through the key creative processes of how he achieved the realistic results using Mistika.
“The main challenge of the grades was that the recordings took place in an open air theatre, often transitioning from day to night. Maintaining continuity in the grade was crucial, taking into the account the sun setting, especially as the final edit could be cut from performances on different days and nights.”

Ian continued further, “A key tool in Mistika that I used extensively during the initial primary grade, was the digital printer lights, which made balancing the multiple cameras a simple and fast process. Being able to quickly amend the white point, black point, overall gain or overall contrast with access, to not only red, green and blue vectors, but also cyan, magenta and yellow, meant I could get through the nearly three-hour-long performances at a speed that was vital to completing the jobs on time.”

Ian highlighted other challenges overcome by Mistika. “Another issue we had is that the stage was lit by tungsten lights and the cameras are white-balanced for 3400k colour temperature, but because some of the performances took place during the day, a majority of the audience was lit by natural daylight, which left a blue colour tint, making them feel cold. So, in the grade for Tempest, I corrected this by drawing shapes around the audience so that I could isolate them for a separate grade. Because Mistika's HSL qualifiers pull very clean keys, I was able to combine with the shapes to produce great results. At times, due to either the camera movement, shot composition or performers' movements, it meant some complicated shapes had to be used, but Mistika made this a simple task with its user-friendly shape editor with key-framing, combined with the new fantastic cloud-based auto-tracker tool, which I cannot underestimate how much time this saved me.”

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Ian Grey is a creative Colourist and Post 3D Stereographer with a wide range of experience in Broadcast Television and Cinema. A purveyor of the best possible image quality across a wide range of formats, Ian has worked on projects up to 4k whether 2D or 3D, using high-end post production systems such as Mistika from SGO. He has a vast technical knowledge of all areas of post production and has worked with a diverse clientèle from all over the world, including BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, TLC and has also had feature films released by Universal Studios and Metrodome. Ian enjoys working with new clients and always demonstrates an outstanding commitment to projects, devoting time and passion to every job no matter what the budget. As well as the high standard of work, clients also value his personable approach and ability to remain calm and consistent even under the pressure of tight deadlines.

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