Superlux Rebrands to Deliver Design-Centric Solutions for the Next Content Revolution


The Award-Winning Company Creates a New Story-Driven Website to Communicate Its Design-Centric Approach

Last Updated: June 25, 2014 9:30 pm GMT
(Atlanta, Georgia--June 25, 2014) Superlux, the Atlanta-based motion media group, has re-structured to create a one-stop creative resource for animation, live action, visual effects and finishing -Superlux's boutique approach fuses technology with a design-centric process to develop and deliver innovative content for spots, promos, ID’s, webisodes, shorts, feature films, digital signage and point of purchase animation, interactive media design, and mobile media - to connect brands and audiences across a new generation of media.

To better and more efficiently serve media industry needs, Superlux has rebranded - reorganizing its operations around the creation of a flexible infrastructure: an open work environment, integrated cross-specialization of talent and an efficient, custom-built system for project and asset management.

“The integration of emerging media into the mainstream marks a historic turning point in communication,” says Superlux founder and creative director, Mark Falls. “Brands need to drive more visual content across more media platforms than ever before. The volume and variety of new content requires a convergence of talent, capabilities and technical savvy to deliver consistent audience engagement across the board. We believe design-centricity is the most powerful means to direct and harness these converging forces. At Superlux design is the centerpiece of everything.”

To convey this message in its own media, Superlux has redefined its brand and turnkey capabilities, introduced via, their new, story-driven website. The site demonstrates the group’s approach to holistically and seamlessly providing content solutions for the new wave of media, with an emphasis on design and visual storytelling.

"We've abandoned the conventional approach for post, design and media industry web sites, says Falls. "Telling a visual story involves risk. While it would be safer to present a grid of our project work, we chose to demonstrate the new reality through the fluidity of HTML5. Allowing a bit of fun and story to emerge from visitor interaction seems a lot more convincing than talking about ourselves.”

Launched in 2001, Superlux has been sought out to develop motion content for a multitude of applications. The boutique's expertise includes development of a diverse slate of high-end projects in the national and global arenas that keeps the company's perspective fresh.

“Visual storytelling is a key differentiator in the rapidly evolving media landscape,” says Falls. “The ability to apply it in a distinct way across multiple technologies and delivery platforms is a growing business priority. As content becomes pervasive, brands face increasing pressure to use it effectively, both internally and externally.”

The keys to this effectiveness, according to Falls, are “Sensual involvement, mental engagement, and surprise - the byproducts of design. Brands that tap into these needs communicate and connect in a personal and authentic way that invites lasting bonds."

To cover the luxury angle, the team shot talent from Click Models with photographer Laretta Houston. Says Loren Falls: “We considered shooting ourselves - for a minute. Laretta’s talent and experience shooting high-style portraits quickly changed our minds. The models were composited into Atlanta environs all shot by Superlux, from a moving convertible over two days in April 2013."

The “super-luxurious” portfolio includes projects for a diverse roster of clients and platforms that demonstrates the boutique’s nimble, design-centric process and thoughtful aesthetic. It includes a pair of promo packages for TNT Latin America's ‘Cinema a la Carte’ movie block entitled, Choice, and Battle, a national broadcast commercial for Hasbro entitled Nerf Sports,', animated digital signage for Whole Foods Markets , a broadcast package for TNT LA’s Miss Universe Pageant , and Heroes,’ a PSA for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Superlux’s team of multi-disciplined talent thrives on open collaboration throughout the creative process. This dynamic promotes a cohesive vision at every phase of work, and proved integral in translating their updated offering to their website, communicate the need for brand evolution, the Superlux team created their own within an alternate media universe, steeped in iconic references to digital technology, tabloid culture and luxury brands.

"The themes that define the site’s visual language are significant," according to Falls: "Digital technology - specifically digital media - is transformative and so is our approach to the work, We wanted our site to reference that in a nontraditional way.”

To underline technology’s role in the modern media landscape, screens throughout the new Superlux site are fitted out with period telephones, computers, cameras and office furniture from the early PC era, all modeled in Cinema 4D by Superlux designer Saif Khan. The new website also references tabloid culture, representing the first wave of pervasive media.

“Luxury is the third essential element,” adds Falls, who believes luxury brands are inventing the future of audience engagement. “These brands - whether apparel, travel, cars or even masstige everyday objects - engage their customers on a visceral level, appealing to our senses, aspirations, and fantasies.”

"Site design and development was realized through numerous conceptual sketches, iterative scripting, months of pictorial research, casting, multiple shoots, 3d modeling, compositing, kinetic text and animation. With the exception of sound - which we briefly considered - we were able to translate all the things we deliver on video, into a web experience," says Superlux executive producer, Loren Falls.

Coding for the site fell to Stephen DeLorme of Superlux. “It is essential the site delivers a consistent experience on every device and platform,” says DeLorme. Falls adds, “Stephen really stretched the HTML5 envelope to deliver a dynamic, responsive, cross-platform experience that’s completely driven through the simple act of scrolling.”

About Superlux:
Superlux is an integrated design and production resource dedicated to elevating the impact of moving images. Our passion is crafting seductive visual stories that intimately connect viewers and brands. At Superlux, design drives the choreography of form and narrative that delivers emotional impact through motion. Our expertise: creating spots, promos, ID’s, web content, broadcast media, shorts, feature films, digital signage and point of purchase, to interactive and mobile & emerging media. A mix of projects, such as IBM Steel Story, American Music Awards, The Latin Grammy Awards, Hasbro Nerf Sports, SEEBurger, Pergo, and Whole Foods Markets, to name a few, fully engaged our trademark versatility and human touch.

For more information about Superlux contact Loren Falls:, visit our new website.


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