FLEC: New Innovative Multi adjustable Universal Baseplate released


Last Updated: July 8, 2014 11:03 pm GMT
(Barcelona, Spain--July 8, 2014) Cinemartin, the European team, Spain based producer of the acclaimed Cinemartin Cinec encoder video converter software that accept almost any video input source and enable video users to export to Prores and H265 on windows, developers of Plin, the Adobe Premiere Plugin to export to Apple ProRes & H.265 (http://www.cinemartin.com/cinec/plin/) , now announces the release of FLEC, a new universal baseplate innovative system for both photo cameras & video camcorders, entering the marklet starting with an affordable price of just 99€.

Image courtesy of Director of Photography Timur Civan

Flec allows users to positioning the camera in any distance X, Y (heigh, width) in respect with the bars, allowing users to be able to mount almost any accessory available for video and photo (matte box, follow focus, powerarms..) for almost any camera.

Entering the hardware market, Cinemartin’s new FLEC universal baseplate, designed and first available for 15mm bars (later for 19mm), enable cameras and camcorders to fit dozens of accessories from the professional environments.

Cinemartin FLEC translate for more than a beatiful design, a component that provides compatibility with most video & photo cameras accessories, while providing durability and a professional look.

FLEC is made from Aluminium 6082 series and can be purchased as a standard alone components starting at 99€ or in a KIT

FLEC is a baseplate system made of 2 pieces, the baseplate and the FLEC addon, than can be purchased alone or as a kit, that allow users to adjust the distance of the camera in respect from the bars at a variant or fixed postions, allowing for max. compatibility.

“FLEC can be adjusted in variant or fixed industry standard positions, that means easy & fast.”

Cinemartin universal baseplate is made from aluminium 6082 series, is available in several finishes and colors (black, plate, black grit, anodized red, grit red, bluesky etc..) and can be purchased as alone components, including 15mm pair bars also available in fiber carbon, fiber carbon­kevlar, or in a full kit.

There’s also the PRO version with the Top Addon Baseplate and Bars in Fiber Carbon or Fiber Carbon Kevlar

It is compatible with almost every photo & HDSLR camera Sony, Canon EOS, 5D, 60D, 90D, Panasonic GH2, GH3, GH4, FZ1000, Hasselblad, etc..

It is compatible with almost any video camcorder Sony FS100, FS700, Broadcast ENGs, PMW, EX3, EX1, PXW, FDR­AX100, Blackmagic production camera & BMC 4k, AJA Cion, Panasonic AVCHD models, Panasonic, JVC, etc.

It is available at the cinemartin FLEC website. Prices start at 99€ for the single baseplate and kits have different prices depending configurations.
Check out more at the universal baseplate website of cinemartin


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