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Last Updated: July 18, 2014 8:09 pm GMT
(Atlanta, Georgia--July 18, 2014) Biscardi Creative Media (BCM) has begun post-production on a new web series called "Arson Dogs" for world-renowned dog trainer Victoria Stilwell and her Positively website. The series follows Victoria to southern Maine, where State Farm's Arson Dog Training Program is conducted to train handlers and working dogs together to sniff out accelerants like gasoline and propane at potential arson sites.

Accelerant detection dogs are an essential part of the fire investigation team, working alongside law enforcement officials to alert their handlers of the presence of accelerants. Accounting for a 40-50% increase in arson convictions, these dogs undergo a rigorous training process that is based on positive reinforcement.

Victoria commented, “As a dog trainer on TV and in private practice for over 15 years, I've witnessed firsthand the power of positive dog training with everything from pit bulls to Pomeranians. There's a pretty substantial debate raging in the dog world between positive trainers and those who believe in old school punishment and dominance, with those more traditional trainers saying that positive reinforcement is nice with puppies but doesn't work with 'red zone' and high-drive working dogs.”

“That's why I was so excited to learn about State Farm's Arson Dog Training Program, which uses exclusively reward-based positive training techniques to train the canine Ferrari's of the working dog world: arson dogs.”

Victoria and her crew spent five days at the school documenting many hours of raw material on up to five different cameras. While post-production continues on the show, a trailer was first completed on a tight deadline: about a week to craft a sizzle from over 3500 raw clips. BCM founder Walter Biscardi, Jr. led the edit with assistance from BCM editors R. John Becker and Kylee Wall.

“Victoria's team uses the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, as do we at BCM, so we worked with them to show how best to log and organize the materials so we could use their notes to quickly turn the project around. They did a beautiful job logging and organizing the bins in multiple ways so we could cross reference. Everything was loaded into our Small Tree Shared Storage system which proved a major key in the quick turnaround,” Walter said.

Victoria commented, “We're very excited to be working with BCM on the post production for this Arson Dogs web series project, as their professionalism, quality, and love of the subject matter – especially dogs – shines through in all their work.”

“The Arson Dogs project is a perfect example of client collaboration at its best. This was a thrill for me personally because I’m a long time dog owner and I’ve admired Victoria’s style of dog training. It was also a lot of fun cutting this with my own Molly the Wonder Dog hanging out in the edit suite with me,” Walter added.

Arson Dogs will be distributed through Victoria Stilwell's Positively website ( and YouTube page ( New episodes will be available in the coming weeks. The Arson Dogs trailer can be seen at


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The collaborative workflow between our team and Victoria's team is how I would love to work with EVERY client.

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