Stardust Re-Launches Clean, Aspirational & Focused Web Site


Last Updated: July 21, 2014 6:32 pm GMT
(Santa Monica, California--July 21, 2014) Stardust, the bicoastal integrated production and design firm, has re-launched a clean, aspirational & focused web site.

Stardust website

According to Stardust Managing Director/Partner Dexton Deboree, since the company’s re-launch in late 2012/early 2013, the Stardust team has been honing in on its new and distinct voice, the talent and service it offers. He notes: “Seth and I launched the company with a very unorthodox approach. It defied most people’s belief and confidence; and even contradicted our own historical approaches to business. We had no business plan, no big secret agenda, and no fancy plans of grandeur. We simply wanted to ‘Do cool shit.’ We also wanted to work with world-class talent and service our clients honestly and thoroughly. Quite frankly, we wanted to get back to basics. Our mission statement was simply: ‘Inspiration.’ Any project opportunity that was not inspired, we passed on.”

Over the course of the last 18 months, adds Stardust Creative Director/Partner Seth Epstein: “Stardust has come to know who we are,” he says. “And it’s just as simple as our original plan or non-plan if you will. We shoot strong live action with a team of stellar Directors. We provide a wide range of design solutions with a solid team of visual artists; we refer to as ‘All Things Design.’ We felt it was time to re-design and re-format the site to make it clear to our clients what we do and how to find what they are looking for: We shoot live action. We create high end design-driven content. We feel technique, format, and ultimate screen destination is all an evolution of one of those two overall approaches.”


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