Communicate / Collaborate with Emery Wells and Andrew Hurteau


Last Updated: July 29, 2014 10:22 pm GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--July 29, 2014) This episode of The Go Creative Show with Ben Consoli features two experts to help you better communicate and collaborate. First, Andrew Hurteau, a presentation and communication skills coach shares tips on how to better present yourself and your ideas. Then Emery Wells, the co-founder of joins in to discuss how to effectively collaborate with your team and clients, and how could be the best tool to do that. Plus Matt Allard from chimes in on all the latest industry news.

Ben Consoli highlights the show:
Today’s spotlight is in two parts: Communication and Collaboration. These are probably the most essential skills we need to be successful in any creative industry. So I invited two experts to share tips and experiences in both of these areas. We begin communication. Andrew Hurteau, a presentation and communication skills coach with Butterfield speaks. Andrew shares tips on how to better present yourself and your ideas to clients, co-workers and audiences in general. We also discuss the value of good communication, how to be a better speaker, how to be a better listener and simple tips to help you strengthen your voice.

The next part of our spotlight is collaboration, and to discuss this, I invite Emery Wells on the show. Emery is the co-founder of an online, cloud-based video review and collaboration tool for creative media teams. Emery is also a post production veteran who understands the challenges we face every day. We discuss the value of collaboration, tips to keep your projects from derailing and of course, how is setting out to be the new standard in creative collaboration.

  • How to pitch your ideas to clients and co-workers.
  • Tips on making the most engaging presentation possible.
  • Listening tips. People always know if you are listening or not.
  • Tips to improve your voice.
  • The features of
  • How can you get involved with now
  • Why is collaboration the key to a successful project
  • How will store and share your video files
  • What are the collaboration challenges we face… and how to overcome them.



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