Geek & Sundry’s New ‘Morganville: The Series’ Uses Blackmagic Cameras and DaVinci Resolve


Last Updated: July 30, 2014 8:28 pm GMT
(Fremont, California--July 30, 2014) Blackmagic Design today announced that “Morganville,” a new digital series based on the best selling “Morganville Vampires” novels by Rachel Caine, is being shot on Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, Production Camera 4Ks and Pocket Cinema Cameras and graded using DaVinci Resolve.

A sneak peek premiering at this year’s Geek & Sundry Lounge at Comic-Con International: San Diego includes footage from “Morganville: The Series,” which follows events in a small Texas college town controlled by vampires. The series stars Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Robert Picardo (The Mentalist) and Lindsay Seidel (The Final) and is being produced by Felicia Day and Sheri Bryant’s Geek & Sundry digital entertainment network. The series will include weekly episodes which will initially air on Geek & Sundry’s own YouTube Channel with its almost one million subscribers.

Dallas, Texas based Loud Pictures is handling production and post production for the series, with Loud Picture’s Blake Calhoun directing and Alan Lefebvre as Cinematographer.

For the series, Blake and Alan are using several Blackmagic Cinema Cameras as their A cameras. Blake used Pocket Cinema Cameras for various aerial and tight shots, including several drone shots, and also used Production Camera 4Ks for wider shots and shots being used with a MOVI.

Blake uses the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras with a variety of Zeiss Super Prime Set lenses and various rigs from Wooden Camera, while using the Production Camera 4Ks and Pocket Cinema Cameras primarily with different MOVI gimbals. Shooting mostly in RAW, footage is brought from the cameras into DaVinci Resolve and then output via ProRes with a “one-light” grade for editing. Once picture is locked, an XML will be exported and the original RAW files will be conformed back in Resolve for the final color grade and master created in ProRes 4444.

“We are shooting a lot of low angle, wide stuff in a very ‘Breaking Bad’ kind of vibe. And since this is a vampire series, a lot of the shots are in low light situations. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera has been absolutely amazing for all of this,” said Blake. “The 13 stops of dynamic range and the ability to shoot in RAW, combined with the size of the camera, really has opened up how we can shoot. We shoot at 800 ASA, and even in the darkest shadows we can bring out the details. The DP was surprised and very happy with the camera and how far he could push it.

“With the 4K camera, we got a lot of the wider shots because of its Super 35MM sized sensor – the field of view is just wider. But also, shooting in 4K really helped us capture the details in those wide shots beautifully. With its small size, the Pocket Cinema Camera is great for various inserts and has really done well with the drone shots flying over the town, getting a bat’s eye view. We threw it on a drone with a MOVI gimbal, sent it airborne and got great footage."

‘Morganville’ will begin airing in the fall of 2014 on Geek & Sundry’s YouTube channel, with additional distribution to be announced later in the year.

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