eyeballMOTO's Short Film "Experience" Brings Motorcycle Zen Into Focus


Director Limore Shur Brings Moto World To Cinematic Apex

Last Updated: July 31, 2014 12:04 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California &--July 31, 2014) Director Limore Shur recently debuted “Experience,” a captivating documentary short that goes deep inside the world-famous Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS). The film weaves textured depictions of the renowned program's intensive learning environment with stunning footage of students and instructors circling the track full throttle.

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For Shur and many other enthusiasts, motorcycle racing is more than just a hobby, it’s a form of meditation – and essential to his creative output as Founder & Chief Creative Officer of creative strategic design agency eyeball. Inspired by the transformative impact that motorcycling has made on his own life, Shur conceived “Experience” to express the cathartic spirit of the sport while translating it to a broader audience.

“I wanted to find a new way to communicate what racing is all about, especially perceptions of the sport in the U.S.,” says Shur. “It’s not about showing off how cool we are, or a rock-and-roll lifestyle. It requires a very serious mental focus that’s as close to meditation as you can get. It’s just contrasted by speed and risk.”

A recreational motorcyclist since college, Shur discovered a more profound connection to the sport five years ago after facing personal challenges that took an emotional toll on him. Taking up riding regularly, he soon found himself surrounded by other professionals in similar situations. But instead of the leather-clad “Sons of Anarchy” gangs to which many people relate motorcycle culture, Shur was in the company of Wall Street bankers, Hollywood screenwriters and other professionals looking for an outlet.

“This sport has been a life-changer,” says Shur, who describes himself as having “an incredibly active mind.” “It’s the only thing I can do to shut my mind down. The mental concentration I’ve learned through riding translates to every aspect of my life, personally and as a creative. With racing, every turn, every moment is an incredible risk. The focus allows me to completely meditate on what’s ahead. It’s a great benefit to balance out what I typically do during the day professionally.”

Shur enlisted eyeballMOTO, a division of eyeball which both films and sponsors riders, to produce the film. Shot on location at the New Jersey Motorsports Park over the course of two days, his team utilized two cinematographers along with multiple bike-mounted GoPro cameras, chest-mounted GoPros on the coaches, and a drone. In total, they shot 25 hours of footage for the 14-minute film, as well as a 30-second commercial for YCRS. In addition, eyeballMOTO was able utilize the footage in testimonials.

“eyeballMOTO’s work is the closest any film has ever come to translating the YCRS experience,” says YCRS Lead Instructor Nick Lenatsch.

“It’s a new visual language for moto films,” concludes Shur. “They’ve been stuck in one format for the last few decades, so I’m trying to give it a mature, intelligent voice with a more cinematic approach.”

EXPERIENCE - an eyeballMoto short film directed by Limore Shur

Creative strategic design agency: eyeball
Director: Limore Shur
Editor: Jeff Jenkins
Cinematography: Jason Banker & Joe Arcidiacono
Original Music Score: Joe Arcidiacono
Audio: Mike Strachan
Production Assistant: Bryan Culbertson
Sound Mixer: Sonia Manalili
Post Producer: Sara Ferrence
Color Correct: Robby O'Neil
Drone Pilot: Jack Simpson
Drone Co-Pilot: Johan Wiberg

About eyeball:
eyeball is a creative strategic design agency that shapes brands through powerful storytelling, stunning design and insightful problem solving. What began as designers leading the motion graphics revolution has evolved over the past two decades into a company that embraces the shared ethos of a visionary ad agency, a full-service live action production company, a motion design studio and a music and audio branding think-tank.



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