Northwest Cherries Goes Natural With Twist Food Director/Photographer Scott Pitts


Last Updated: August 4, 2014 7:05 pm GMT
(New York, New York--August 4, 2014) Recent Twist addition, Director/Photography Scott Pitts, unveils a new spot for Northwest Cherries which celebrates the beauty and simplicity of the fresh, summer fruit. The spot is sure to help this client capitalize on what appears to be a record season for its growers by showing an easy snack prepared with fresh cherries.

To view the new spot, go here:

The spot opens on a plastic bag filled with fresh cherries. Ambient sounds of the kitchen co-mingle with a summery music track. The bag is opened, the water is turned on, and the cherries get rinsed. Water beads form on the cherries, and they glisten in the sunlit kitchen. The shots are clean and natural and tell the story with ease – a pot is placed on the burner, water boiled, oats scooped and added, nuts chopped, and juicy cherries pitted and sliced. The textural and tasty ingredients come together with a touch of poured milk to compose a lovely dish with dark red cherries as the star ingredient. The pace is relaxed, and the real-time moments allow us to experience how simple and lovely it is to pull out a bag of cherries to eat.

Twist Director/Photographer Scott Pitts brings some signature choices to this spot. His philosophy to truly allow the food to be the hero in his work results in a very sensory viewing experience. His work is not overly manicured – the food feels real, natural, edible. The incorporation of sound design to the work as the food is manipulated puts the viewer closer to the experience and draws on sense memory to ignite a relationship with the food. Pitts also draws on his experience as a stills shooter – the care he takes with detail in art direction and lighting allows each moment in the spot to stand-alone. He also completed the still work on the Northwest Cherries web site. Scott collaborated on this project with Charlotte Omnés, a Culinary Creative Director, based in New York. Scott and Charlotte have collaborated on many projects together over the past few years.

“We have gotten a fabulous response to Scott’s work, since adding him to our roster,” says Twist Executive Producer Amyliz Pera. “There is a growing food movement in our country, and consequently, the bar is being raised in our industry as consumer expectation and awareness has heightened in this category. Scott speaks very passionately about his work, and he will absolutely pour himself into any project he embarks on.”

"We use Scott's work to help market cherries across 58 countries,” says James Michael, VP Marketing, Northwest Cherry Growers. “With something as iconic as fresh cherries, it takes skill and creativity to bring a new, yet approachable angle to the project. Scott has delivered that simple elegance for us year after year."

Pera concludes, “I just opened my fridge and now I’m eating some Northwest Cherries. I admit I don’t always use the products we make ads for. I think having Scott on the roster is going to challenge that.”

Director/DP: Scott Pitts
1st AC: Coty James
2nd AC: Christophe Servieres
Food Stylist: Charlotte Omnes
Gaffer: Vincent Klimeck
Editor: Tracy Dethlefs
Music: Sonny & The Sunsets via Marmoset

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