Acrovid Releases the New FootageStudio 4k x64 v1.0 Video batch Processor Tool


Last Updated: August 7, 2014 3:14 pm GMT
(Panama City--August 7, 2014) Acrovid announced the immediate availability of FootageStudio 4k x64 1.0, a revolutionary stand-alone batch processor tool for video professionals and advanced amateurs, featuring a high quality video processing workflow solution, from fast transcoding to complete video transformation.

FootageStudio is an essential all-in-one tool designed to solve your workflow problems, using high quality algorithms to produce clean and crisp videos. FootageStudio is designed for ease of use, simply import your footage and set the processing options in the single window interface. The processing options can be set in a few clicks or, for tasks like aspect ratio conversions or denoiser, using a visual interface with real-time preview.

FootageStudio supports a broad range of input formats including most video formats and containers, image sequences, and video camera formats from consumer to prosumer/pro models including HDSLR formats, GoPro formats, AVCHD, HDV, XDCam, AVC-Intra and DVCProHD. Produced videos can be transcoded/encoded to high quality pro formats like VC-3/DNxHD, MJPEG or ProRes, in 8-bit and 10-bit, and to distribution formats like h.264 or webm.

FootageStudio's key features include:
  • Standards conversions, framerate conversions and corrections with automatic audio pitch correction, using motion compensated algorithms to produce the best quality conversions. Converts any standard to any standard in SD,HD or 4k, NTSC or PAL, or custom dimensions and frame rate, interlaced to progressive or progressive to interlaced. Other video operations include conversions to slow motion, motion adaptive deinterlacing, tff/bff conversions and 1080i60 pulldown removal to 24p/25p.

  • Video resample supporting SD/HD/4k and custom formats, with aspect ratio conversions using a visual interface, and support for video and film aspect ratios like 2.35:1. Digital Zoom, for instance to remove lens vignetting.

  • Frame rate down conversions to 24p/25p/60p/50p/30p from any format,interlaced or progressive, with several configurable modes including simulated film blur mode to reduce motion-judder. It allows for instance convert to 24p with 1/48 shutter speed film blur, or convert from 120p or 240p to standard frame rates reducing motion-judder.

  • High quality chroma upsampling and downsampling. The chroma is processed to produce the best quality depending on the video format, for instance chroma 4:2:0 can be upsampled to 4:2:2 or 4:4:4, or 4k 4:2:0 can be converted to HD with real chroma 4:2:2 or 4:4:4, in 8 or 10 bits bit-depth.

  • Bit-depth upscaling and downscaling, with dithering and DCR upscaling mode 8-bit to 10-bit increasing dynamic range.

  • Frame accurate video cutting with timecode on most formats.

  • Audio sample rate/bps/channels conversions and channels to tracks remapping. Multiple audio tracks supported.

  • Overcrank feature multiplies video frames for perfect slow motion.

  • Video filtering: color correction, simulated motion blur configurable by shutter angle or shutter speed, film grain, cinetone, color space conversions between Rec.601(SD), Rec709(HD) and rec.2020(4k), and more.

  • New professional video denoiser to remove the unwanted noise while preserving the fine details.

  • Powerful and flexible smart batch processing

The smart batch-processing feature allows to import several videos in different standards, NTSC or PAL, SD, HD or 4k, any dimensions or frame rates, and just select the output format in one click. Each video conversion is configured automatically for the best quality. For instance, the user can import videos any mixed formats like 1080i60,720p60,4kp30 or 1080i50 and convert all to high quality 1080p24,1080i60,720p50 or any format.

  • Convert different sources to match your project format

  • FootageStudio easily provides to your favorite video editor all the videos matching your project format, speeding up the edition and avoiding low quality conversions.

  • Transcode/encode to edit-ready pro formats like VC-3/DNxHD in 8-bit or 10-bit

  • FootageStudio enables users to produce top-quality videos in edit-ready formats like VC-3/DNxHD, MJPEG or ProRes. VC-3/DNxHD format is supported in 8-bit or upscaled to 10-bit with dithering or DCR mode. Any processing feature like format conversions or denoiser can be applied in the workflow.

  • Blazing speeds with parallel processing and CUDA GPU

  • Optimized to 128-bit, with multi core CPU and CUDA GPU support, up to 4 videos can be processed simultaneously enabling ultra-fast transcoding/processing speed.

    Pricing and Availability
    FootageStudio for Windows is available now for a special introductory price of $129.00 USD from the Acrovid online shop.
    For more information about FootageStudio visit, email, or download a free trial version directly from this link:

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