2wcom’s New FM2TS Gateway Offers Advanced Features for MPEG Streaming of 8 FM Channels


Last Updated: August 11, 2014 3:10 pm GMT
(Flensburg, Germany--August 11, 2014) Due for launch at IBC 2014 (stand 8.E78), 2wcom’s new FM2TS is an eight-channel FM-to-MPEG Transport Stream IP gateway that can be used to provide FM audio to cable broadcasters, to stream eight FM channels to a quality assurance institution as part of an FM monitoring solution, or for transmitting gap fillers and rebroadcasting.

Reducing CAPEX and OPEX by concentrating the functionality for handling eight channels into a single device, the FM2TS also features 2wcom’s future-ready new hardware platform, with support for leading-edge TS and IP functionalities such as multiple MPTS and SPTS generation, IPv6, HTTPS, and SNMPv3.

The FM2TS features a flexible FM Tuner concept that includes eight FM Tuner modules (switchable by 8x Antenna matrix) with digital output for MPEG encoding. The compact 19” 1HE unit streams eight MPEG encoded channels to transport streams (MPTS/SPTS) via IP (RTP, UDP Unicast/Multicast) or ASI. Multiple redundant TS outputs (2 IP ports, 2 ASI ports) can be freely programmed and recombined.

The FM2TS combines high signal immunity (up to 120dBμV RF) input, advanced FM capabilities including programmable FM tuner parameters such as soft mute, and stereo-to-mono blending, with RDS data forwarding and robust IP performance thanks to Pro MPEG FEC (forward error correction).

For monitoring applications, the FM2TS features built-in monitoring of FM quality parameters and RDS signal parameters (PI, PS) and alarm reporting via e-mail, SNMP,web interface, or activation of relay contacts. Audio live streaming for monitoring purposes is provided in MPEG 1/2, AAC-LC/LD, and HE-AAC formats via IP ports or ASI. These features make the unit ideal for monitoring FM transmitters, especially when they are run by external facilities, and provide a convenient way for supervisory authorities to control the quality of their providers.

The FM2TS handles RDS parameters including TMC and RT+ messages, and converts them into V. 6.+ compliant UECP for each channel for RDS forwarding applications. An integrated web server makes setup and remote control easy via a standard web browser.

“We introduced the FM2TS to provide an exceptionally compact, versatile and efficient unit that reduces both CAPEX and OPEX for broadcasters who want to take FM audio in and create MPEG streams,” said Werner Drews, managing director of 2wcom. “This is the first product on the market to do this with professional MPEG FEC over two separate IP lines and support for multiple MPTS and SPTS generation, IPv6, HTTPS, SNMPv3.”

More information about 2wcom and its products is available at http://www.2wcom.com

About 2wcom
2wcom is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of professional broadcast products for FM, RDS, DAB, DAB+, DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-T, with complete end-to-end DVB-S/S2 Audio/IP Satellite system solutions including professional encoders, modulators and a highly reliable IRD product range. 2wcom’s leading position in the market is based on a track record of technical innovation, high quality and outstanding 24/7 support. Formed in 1996 with the buyout of Rohde & Schwarz’s FM/RDS product range, 2wcom has its development and manufacturing headquarters in Germany, with a worldwide network of dealer partners. More information on 2wcom and its products is available at http://www.2wcom.com


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