Now Available from FSI, The Colorimetry Research CR-100


Last Updated: August 12, 2014 9:04 pm GMT
(August 12, 2014) Flanders Scientific is excited to announce that we are now carrying the powerful new CR-100 colorimeter from Colorimetry Research, Inc. The CR-100 has been designed specifically to provide fast and accurate measurements of virtually any display technology. What sets the CR-100 apart from other non-contact colorimeters are its extremely high quality tristimulus filters and its compact, lightweight (just 12 ounces / 340 grams), and durable all metal design. Best of all at just $4,990 the CR-100 is considerably more affordable than other high-end non-contact colorimeters on the market.

You can purchase or learn more about the CR-100 at or contact Flanders Scientific directly at Sales at FlandersScientific dot com with any additional questions about this colorimeter.

Fully Integrated with LightIllusion's LightSpace CMS
LightIllusion's LightSpace CMS now offers full support of the CR-100 Colorimeter. This combination provides incredibly fast and accurate 3D LUT based calibration of Flanders Scientific monitors at a combined cost under what many other non-contact colorimeters run as a standalone item.

We are currently offering two great cost-saving software / CR-100 bundles at

Final chance to order the CM240 LCD @ $4,995
On August 15th, 2014 the 24" CM240 LCD Monitor will increase in price from $4,995 to $5,495. The CM240 is the latest in a long line of incremental improvements to our 24" reference LCD monitors and we have held the price at $4,995 over the last 6 years despite constantly improving hardware and steadily increasing component costs. We have now reached a point where component costs have forced us to increase the price of this unit to $5,495.

You can still order the CM240 at $4,995 at through August 15th, but we do anticipate a temporary spike in demand as orders are placed before this price increase deadline so please take special note of the estimated lead time when placing your order for up to date delivery estimates.

Pricing on all other units remains unchanged at this time.


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