eyeball Brings Audio To Life For Master & Dynamic


Creative Agency Visualizes Sound In New Film For Luxury Audio Brand

Last Updated: August 12, 2014 9:56 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--August 12, 2014) Creative strategic design agency eyeball recently completed a :90 brand film for luxury headphone manufacturer Master & Dynamic. Since the brand produces beautifully crafted audio devices for the modern workspace, the concept of the film had to reflect the richness of its products and creative philosophy: sound is an essential creative element that transports and inspires the mind.

Collaborating with ad agency NSG/SWAT, early in the planning stages, the team agreed the best approach was to create a film that would visualize an abstract expression of sound.

“The Master & Dynamic brand is about excellence in the replication of sound,” says eyeball Creative Director and Director Jesse McGowan. “We felt it was important not to confuse sound with any specific genre of music, instead focusing on the key elements of music within sound.”

By taking a black-and-white photographic approach to capturing extreme closeups and slowed-down visuals of liquid and solid materials reacting to sound, eyeball was able to visualize sonic elements, such as rhythm, tonality, distortion, harmony, dissonance, timbre and volume. As the brand film explains: “Sound is movement. Sound is vibration. Sound is emotion. Sound is space. Sound is what you make it.”

To view the work:

“Coming up with a visual for something invisible was an interesting challenge,” says McGowan. “Working in such a creatively abstracted space imposed a need for a certain sort of discipline that's often lacking in commercial production. Thankfully, [NSG/SWAT Creative Director] Miles Skinner and his team were always open to creative conversations. They brought a lot of knowledge about the product to the table, and their inspired and collaborative take on things helped us all get on the same page creatively. This project was virtually driven by the creative, which is quite rare and very exciting.”

To execute the project, eyeball built out a modified amp and subwoofer that could be covered with different materials and filmed in-house. Since they didn’t know how each of the materials would react or which sounds would make for the best results, eyeball had to to be creatively open and adaptive with the live-action shoot. A lined-in synthesizer allowed them to produce a variety of frequency tones to test, and they combined this with as many different materials as they could get their hands on, from iron fillings, to magnetic powders and paints.

Since each of the materials required different photography styles, from being slowed down to capturing magnified details, eyeball shot on different cameras to achieve the best results, using a RED Epic, armed with a 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens for their main gear, and a Sony NEX FS700 for the shots done in extreme slow motion.

“With a traditional script, the structure is already there, and one can focus on its realization,” concludes McGowan. “But with a concept dedicated to a lack of anything more detailed than the broadest of structure, our own need for creative discipline was challenged -- in the best and most rewarding way possible.”

Client: Master & Dynamic
President/CEO: Jonathan Levine
Chief Creative Officer: Andrew Dawson

Ad Agency: NSG/SWAT
Chief Creative Officer: Richard Kirshenbaum
Creative Director: Miles Skinner
Copywriter: Stephan Lacombe
Art Director: Jeff Hemmi
Director of Account Management: Matt Garcia
Account Manager: Zach Brown

Production & VFX Company: eyeball
Founder & Chief Creative Officer: Limore Shur
Partner: Eric J. Bertrand
Managing Partner: Ben Spivak
Creative Director/Director: Jesse McGowan
Director of Photography: Jason Banker
3D Generalist: Dimitri Luedemann
Managing Director: Danny Rosenbloom
Producer: Niki DiCesare
Production Assistant: Robby O'Neil

Music: Silencio

About eyeball:
eyeball is a creative strategic design agency that shapes brands through powerful storytelling, stunning design and insightful problem solving. What began as designers leading the motion graphics revolution has evolved over the past two decades into a company that embraces the shared ethos of a visionary ad agency, a full-service live action production company, a motion design studio and a music and audio branding think-tank.


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