Released the After Effects Tool MaskTracker+.


Last Updated: August 18, 2014 2:45 pm GMT
(Sagard, Germany--August 18, 2014) The mask tracker of After Effects CC is a powerful planar tracker, but is has one severe limitation: Except for moving masks you cannot do anything with the tracking data.

But with MaskTracker+ you can use the mask tracker to move layers, do corner pins, stabilize shaky clips and create stabilized precomps.
This makes MaskTracker+ the first general purpose planar tracking solution that runs natively inside After Effects.

MaskTracker+ is similar to its popular sister product MochaImport+, but it works with After Effects' mask tracker instead of mocha. This means if you are used to tracking workflows with After Effects and mocha, you can do now the same workflows all inside After Effects without the need to switch to a separate application.

MaskTracker+ can be purchased for $49.99 per single user license at

It is also available as part of the Tracking Bundle for $79.99 which includes besides MaskTracker+ also the mamoworld tools MochaImport+, CopyMask2Layer, Tracker2Mask and KeyTweak.


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