GoGo Grip™ is The Easiest Way to Transport a Monitor or HDTV


A Must-Have VESA Mount Handle For Effortless One-Handed Portability

Last Updated: August 21, 2014 7:44 pm GMT
(Grand Rapids, Missouri--August 21, 2014) Skunk Tank today launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new products, GoGo Grip and Guard. GoGo Grip is a handle and cord wrap for monitors up to 27” and HDTVs up to 29” that attaches to the standardized VESA mount for easy, one-handed portability. It's a cinch to unplug, wrap cables and go! GoGo Guard provides scuff and scratch protection in transit.

GoGo Grip emerged from a “scratch my own itch” need of the inventor, Kyle Hilla, creator of CollabraCam, a social video production app for iOS. “As a visual designer, a coworking space is a difficult proposition without the added productivity of an external monitor,” said Hilla. The thought of lugging a monitor around was definitely unappealing, but the desire for the community, camaraderie and collaboration of coworking provided the spark Hilla’s simple, ingenious solution to take advantage of the existing VESA mount to secure a handle to a monitor. From there he created CAD drawings, started prototyping and made connections at a local maker space to help bring the product to life. The rest of his story is on Kickstarter.

Coworking spaces are booming in the US, from a single space in 2005, to nearly 1000 in 2014 and approaching 2500 worldwide! If other collaborative spaces like incubators, accelerators, and maker spaces are added to those numbers, this innovative product is just in time to lend a hand! Some spaces offer rental or community monitor use, a great member perk and GoGo Grip can help them move and store monitors when not in use.

GoGo Grip was designed with coworking professionals in mind, but it's not just for people who work hard… It’s also great for people who play hard! Gamers can easily take their monitor and rig to a friend’s house, LAN party or eSports tournament to get their game on. Sports fans can bring their TV to the tailgate to stay updated on all the games or watch the home team out on the deck while playing cornhole in the yard.

The GoGo Grip 28 day Kickstarter campaign launched Tuesday, August 19th at 2pm EST, with a $15k goal. In addition to standard rewards, and different levels of early bird deals, they are also offering “Kickstarter Aficionado” Limited Edition GoGo Grip in Kickstarter Green. Check out GoGo Grip on Kickstarter today.



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