iAnimate.net Attracts Senior Creature Animator James Bennett to Teach New Advanced Creature Animation Workshop


Learn Top-Level Creature Animation From an Industry Veteran Whose Credits Include Many of Hollywood’s Most Successful Films—From “Avatar” and “Godzilla” to “King Kong” and “IronMan 2”

Last Updated: August 26, 2014 3:28 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--August 26, 2014) iAnimate.net continues to attract top instructors to its industry-leading animation courses—the newest being James Bennett, a senior creature animator and lead previz artist whose list of credits includes “Godzilla,” “The Hobbit,” “Avatar,” “King Kong,” “The Adventures of TinTin,” “Happy Feet,” “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” “Madagascar 3,” “Iron Man 2,” and many more.

Bennett, will join other instructors to teach the 14-week Advanced Creature Animation Workshop 2, which begins September 8, 2014. To learn more about or apply to the iAnimate Creature Animation workshops, visit http://www.ianimate.net.

The goal of the Advanced Creature Animation Workshop 2 is to help students develop creature performance skills using quadruped behaviors, flying animals and creatures, and creature animation. Bennett’s role in this course is to teach students how to create a dynamic action sequence with a fantasy creature—from planning to final polish.

“One of the first things that attracted me to iAnimate is the group’s burning desire to help the next generation of animators—they genuinely care about their success,” says James Bennett, co-founder of Zerply and instructor at iAnimate. “My style leans more towards reality with an emphasis on real-world physics and an attention to strong, basic mechanics. I look forward to sharing some of my many experiences with the students at iAnimate to help them better understand the pressures and expectations that will be placed on them in the professional environment.”

Throughout his career, Bennett has reviewed thousands of show reels and demo reels from artists and animators and has a strong understanding of what recruiters and supervisors are looking for in a reel. One of his goals in the Creature Animation Workshop is to push students to produce interesting, exciting and engaging work that can be included in their own reels—work that will help them showcase their strengths and get noticed by recruiters and studios.

For more information about the iAnimate Creature Animation programs or to apply for the Advanced Creature Animation Workshop 2, beginning September 8, 2014 and ending December 14, 2014, please visit http://www.ianimate.net/workshops/creatures.html.

iAnimate Creature workshop from iAnimate on Vimeo.

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