Roger & Constant Contact Help Small Businesses Grow In New Mixed-Media Campaign


Last Updated: September 2, 2014 10:55 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--September 2, 2014) Mixed-media production studio Roger recently partnered with Constant Contact on a new campaign for its online marketing toolkit for small businesses. Whether it's a social media campaign or an email newsletter to kick-off a big sale, Constant Contact provides its users all the tools and free marketing advice they need to meet their goals, no matter how much they change.

To visualize this, Roger created several spellbinding time-lapses using a combination of live-action, motion control and animation. Throughout the spots, the branding of Constant Contact graphically comes to life, leaving the world of the computer and fanning out around the entrepreneurs. Concluding with, “Help your small business do more business,” the resulting films, “Sporting Goods Store” (:30), “Animal Shelter” (:15) and “Restaurant” (:15) express the range of small businesses that can successfully grow and evolve with the help of Constant Contact's adaptive solutions.

To view Sporting Goods (:30):
Animal Shelter:

“This is our first mixed-media commercial conceived entirely by our in-house writers and art directors, so it was important that we found the right production partner,” says Jamie Graham, Creative Director at Constant Contact. “We really liked Roger’s expertise and ability to do everything -- from live-action production to time-lapse capture to animation. The Roger team really impressed us with their ideas, process, enthusiasm, and excellent execution. This was very much a partnership.”

“The challenge was finding the right composition in terms of the narrative action and all the visual information without feeling too overwhelming,” adds Terry Lee, Roger Executive Creative Director, who also directed the campaign. “What you see happening behind the small business owner is a representation of weeks or months of what’s happening in their store. The key to getting it right was balancing the motion control and time-lapse footage and seamlessly integrating the animations, so the background activity didn’t take the focus away from the story.” 

The production was shot over the course of three days in LA in various locations and businesses. Roger then edited the campaign in Boston to be closer to the Constant Contact headquarters. After the edit was locked, Roger’s team of animators and compositors put all of the various motion control footage plates together in After Effects, and also added animated elements pulled from the language of Constant Contact’s branding.

“In going after a fairly complex mixed-media approach, we feel the campaign parallels the innovation of Constant Contact’s offerings,” concludes Graham. “Our hope is that people will watch the spots repeatedly because they’re so rich and have so much going on within them.”

Spot Titles: “Sporting Goods Store” (:30 and :15), “Animal Shelter” (:15) and “Restaurant” (:15)
Airdate: September 2014

Client: Constant Contact
Creative Director: Jamie Graham
Associate Creative Director: Tim Weldon
Sr. Design Manager: Brian McDonald
Sr. Business Manager, Creative Services: Katie Carlson
Freelance Executive Producer: Keith Dezen
VP Acquisition and Consumer Marketing: Josh Todd
Sr. Director Acquisition Marketing: Keira Lorentzen
Acquisition Marketing Manager: Sarah Barone
Acquisition Marketing Consultant: Meaghan Conners

Production & VFX Company: Roger
Director: Terry Lee
Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky
Live Action Producer: Rich Kaylor
Associate Creative Director: Ariel Costa
Post Production Producer: Brandon Stevenson
Director of Business Development: Drew Neujahr
Designer: Vini Naldi
Animators: Brock Boyts & Blake Beynon
Compositors: Ben Rohel & Thomas Horne
Editor: Chris Hall
Storyboard artist: Brad Arnold

Color Correction: Beau Leon @ Company 3

About Roger:
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