RED Digital Cinema’s Booth It IBC 2014 Touts 6K Digital Motion and Stills Capture, and 4K Live Broadcast


Last Updated: September 8, 2014 8:52 pm GMT
(Amsterdam, Netherlands--September 8, 2014) RED Digital Cinema continues to revolutionize the world of digital still and motion cameras with the 6K RED DRAGON sensor. Boasting over 19 megapixels, a new color science and higher dynamic range, the DRAGON sensor takes both EPIC and SCARLET to the next level – blurring the line between motion and still cameras.

RED is not only breaking new ground in photography image capture – with DRAGON receiving the highest DxO Mark sensor rating ever – it is also offering more tactical options for photographers. The newly reworked REDCINE-X PRO provides RAW workflow and now features frame tagging, so shooters can mark and access specific frames while shooting. Also new within this version of REDCINE-X PRO is A.D.D. (Advanced Dragon Debayer), a new algorithm for DRAGON that carefully analyzes every pixel to create the best frame possible.

Joining DRAGON on the floor of the show in booth 10.A10 is the RED 3-Axis Lens Control System, a turn-key wireless lens control kit for driving focus, iris and zoom. The REDLINK™ Bridge – a wireless module that allows apps to communicate with the DSMC through the REDLINK Command Protocol (RCP) – interfaces with the RED 3-Axis Lens Control System’s T.H.C. (TACTICAL HAND CONTROLLER) to control focus and iris on Canon and Nikon lenses. The RED Switchblade-M, a slim and lightweight interface solution that mounts to the side of your EPIC or SCARLET, will also be on display.

Experience RED throughout IBC in additional booths. Vizrt will display a groundbreaking real-time 4K immersive graphics system, showing Viz Engine and Viz Virtual Studio integrated with RED and Ncam in their booth. Also on the floor, the Nipros LS-750GT fiber adapter system will facilitate the transmission of compressed and uncompressed 4K video from the 6K EPIC DRAGON to the RAI Convention Center’s main auditorium over fiber-optic cable.

On September 13th from 10:00am to 11:30am, RED will be giving their Big Screen Theater presentation. The company that changed the standard of digital image capture with 6K now turns to the broadcast industry. Experience live 4K broadcast demonstrations with real-time graphics, while simultaneously capturing 6K R3D RAW masters. Additionally, House of Cards Lead Colorist Laura Jans-Fazio will be giving an exclusive presentation on the color grading process used for season two of the Netflix Original Series, which was done at Encore, a Deluxe Entertainment Services company. Join her as she walks you through the creative process using House of Cards 5K RED EPIC R3D footage, grading live on FilmLight's Baselight system in 4K.

Whether you are a photographer, cinematographer, or broadcaster, RED has one camera for it all.


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