Harpoon Pictures Director Alejandro Toledo Puts the California Lottery in the Hands of an Army


Last Updated: September 8, 2014 10:20 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--September 8, 2014) The anticipation of playing the lottery is as intense as an army waiting for their Commander to call out his order. In order to capture this moment the California Lottery and their agency, Casanova Pendrill, turned to Harpoon Pictures’ Director, Alejandro Toledo to really create an explosion of emotions when revealing those little scratch-offs in his latest, titled “Speech.”

This clever spot, reminiscent of the movie, Braveheart, opens as an exhausted messenger runs across the desert up to the Commander of an army to hand over what seems to be a crucial message. As the Commander decodes his message by scratching off the Mega Crossword California Lottery ticket, he uncovers and belts out the first ‘order’ of “BANANA!” With confused looks on the army’s faces, they comply and repeat back the order. The camera pans back to the Commander scratching off the final order, “YOGA” as he revs up his army to complete these orders of attack.

“Working with the agency Casanova Pendrill and Harpoon Producer Arthur Gorson on California Lottery was such a pleasure; everyone on this team was amazing. We only had one day to shoot, so a well organized team was key and that is exactly what I was given,” says Director Alejandro Toledo.

Arthur Gorson, Harpoon's LA Producer states, "There is a certain loyalty at Harpoon Pictures where they are extremely dedicated to who they are working with. I haven't had the pleasure of working with a team like this in a while and it truly has been a privilege."

Being filmed in one of the last remaining movie ranches in California, Big Sky Movie Ranch in Simi Valley, “Speech” was filmed amongst the historic presence of a variety of film industry favorites like Transformers, Coming to America and Saving Mr. Banks to name a few.

View and download “Speech” here: http://wdrv.it/1tzmCbd

Client: CA Lottery

Richard Mahan - Deputy Dir of Sales & Marketing

Leticia Saldivar - Chief Consumer Marketing & Advertising Marketing Specialist
Linda Barton-MacDonald - Marketing Specialist

+Casanova Pendrill
Elena Meazzo: Sr. Broadcast Producer
Fernando Poblete: Creative Director
Patricio Luna: Creative Director
Melanie Cyr: Group Account Director
Ismael Leon: Sr. Account Executive
Andres Munera - Sr. Art Director

Production Company: Harpoon Pictures
Alejandro Toledo: Director

Chester Mayer: President

Jose Alvarez: Executive Producer

Arthur Gorson: Producer

Jordan Valenti: Director of Photography
David Fitzpatrick: Production Designer

About Harpoon Pictures: Founded in 2001, Harpoon Pictures produces unique and effective broadcast commercials and longer form content that respond to an ever-changing media landscape. The company represents a diverse client list and a roster with a wide array of directorial talent with range of styles and genres that never ceases to produce original and compelling work. These encompass visual storytelling, dialogue, real people, docu-style, comedy, fashion, beauty, animation and visual effects. Their accomplishments in advertising distinguish Harpoon as a versatile and trusted company. Harpoon Pictures has produced all over the world and has extensive production relationships in most countries with an expansive reach into the multi-cultural markets. harpoonpictures.com


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