7 Deadly Sins (with Zak Mulligan and Matt Allard) on the Go Creative Show


Interview with Award-winning Cinematographer Zak Mulligan

Last Updated: September 12, 2014 5:28 am GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--September 12, 2014) Zak Mulligan is an award winning cinematographer and director of photography for countless feature films, music videos, commercials and more. His latest project, the Morgan Spurlock documentary series “7 Deadly Sins” is possibly one of the most visually stunning documentary shows on tv. In this episode of the "Go Creative Show", Zak and Ben Consoli discuss Zak's Academy Award nominated film “Open Heart” and his experiences screening a film at Sundance. They also cover Zak's vast commercial and music video career as well as his advice for aspiring cinematographers. And of course, they will dive deep into his gear package and geek out about cameras, lighting and more.

The Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli will speak with Zak Mulligan about...
  • Lighting to be dark

  • What does it REALLY mean to be an Academy Award nominee

  • A passion for documentary

  • How Ted and Hollis got started in comedy

  • Zak’s experience screening a film at Sundance

  • Getting a film on Netflix

  • Why Zak loves the MOVI

  • Why sometimes the best lighting could be no lighting

  • Making boring subjects look amazing

  • and more…

Matt Allard from NewsShooter.com also joins us to discuss the hottest news in our production industry.

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