Ross Video’s Streamline Media Asset Management and Order Management Solution at IBC 2014


Last Updated: September 12, 2014 5:37 pm GMT
(Amsterdam, IBC 2014--September 12, 2014) Ross Video kicks off the first day of IBC 2014 with a major new introduction - announcing Streamline Media Asset and Order Management System for Ross' XPression Motion Graphics Platform. Streamline provides both a searchable database of media and a comprehensive set of workflow tools.

Streamline helps to modernize a graphics workflow, making it fast and easy to get the right graphical elements ready for air. Streamline is an ideal companion for XPression, providing a centralized, searchable library of your inventory of still and motion graphics and video clips. Streamline integrates tightly with XPression's workflow tools, allowing drag and drop of elements from Streamline, directly into XPression templates.

Streamline provides 4 key benefits to the broadcaster: 1) the ability to quickly find and use graphics that have already been created, eliminating redundant work; 2) drag and drop integration with XPression workflow tools, minimizing manual busy work and allowing your team to focus on making a great production; 3) the ability to manage graphics production through Streamline's order management system, making it easy for your team to best organize and prioritize their work; and 4) access to customizable reports to enable you to measure and refine your creative process, maximizing output.

Ross Video XPression News users are empowered with a self-service graphics workflow using the XPression graphics templates and assets from the Streamline server. The drag-and-drop workflow of adding assets from Streamline into XPression templates allows journalists to easily fulfill their own graphics needs. Streamline also provides a drag-and-drop placeholder icon for new items requested via the Streamline New Asset Order form - these graphics, when made ready by the art department are then automatically delivered by Streamline into the XPression Template and ready for air.

Robust reporting tools in Streamline provide up-to-the-second data visualization of any metrics in the workflow process. Insights can be used to better allocate resources to the areas of greatest overall benefit to the organization. Streamline reporting allows monitoring of details like order types, deadlines, ordering trends, most ordered asset types, cycle times and more. These are available visually using pie, bar and scatter charts and calendars.

"Content producers are always asked to do more with less and Streamline offers a great way to respond to this challenge." says Patrick Twomey, Workflow Solutions Manager for XPression at Ross Video. "Streamline provides journalists with the ability to browse, repurpose, and manage assets. Often times, providing a self-service workflow to content producers can reduce the amount of time, touch-points and delay it takes to get the asset they need to effectively tell their story. If the desired asset doesn't exist, the tools to request assistance are available and status feedback is available through the entire process. Streamline is a great name, describing exactly what this system will do for your graphics workflow."

As a web-based system, Streamline is easy to deploy. A single server is installed and users login to Streamline via a web browser.

Streamline begins shipping in November and is available to order now.

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