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Last Updated: September 19, 2014 6:35 pm GMT
(London, UK--September 19, 2014) WHAT IS EVERYTIME?
Everytime is a Project management app for Creatives. If you work with videos, sounds or images, it might just be the right tool for you.

Each day, you encounter new sources of inspiration inside videos or musics. Maybe at a specific moment you will see a well composed shot, a great acting or a beautiful melody. Any of those can spark new ideas and help you on a project. It could be for a film you direct, a music you compose or a book you write.

Those moments of inspiration are difficult to capture. Even harder to share. This is what Everytime can help you with.

With Everytime, you can save any moment from Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and any media on your computer. Those moments are then easy to share, publicly or privately, easy to discuss about and easy to find.

Everytime allows visitors to discover the app in many ways:
  • A 2 minutes introduction video [1]
  • A step by step demo tutorial
  • The blog, discussing subjects like creativity and analysing films [2]
  • Public projects & profiles [3], [4] and [5]

Everytime is not accessible only through its website. There are also companion tools that help its users:

  • The chrome extension [6]: It allows people to annotate moments right from Youtube and Vimeo. Previously, users had to open Everytime, import the desired video, find again the moment they were watching and finally annotate it. Now users do not have to leave Youtube when they find something interesting. A single click on the extension icon displays Everytime's interface right on Youtube or Vimeo, allowing them to interact with the video.

  • The desktop app [7]: Browsers cannot open movies or musics on your computer in a secure way yet or without having to upload the whole file. The desktop app has been created to go around those issues and allows users to open any media that VLC can open. Users can then open any movie on their hard drive and annotate it, without having to upload anything. If they want to share this movie, they have the choice of either uploading only the relevant section or share the file via Dropbox (Everytime will make this transparent in future version).

  • Third party tools and API [8] and [9]: Everytime integrates with third party apps to facilitate users who would want to either import their current work or export their data. We currently allow import and export from Final Cut Pro [10]. We also offer an api that enables any user to develop their own app on top of Everytime.

Tony Zhou [11], editor and video essayist from EveryFrameAPainting has been using Everytime to reward his subscribers on patreon [12]:

"This is amazing! My jaw hit the floor. I have been using FCPX keywords to organize all my media but this is significantly easier. I am flabbergasted at how easy it is to use this thing."

A few years ago, the founder Guillaume Fradin completed a short film. There are several steps during its creation that he wished had been easier. First, during the pre production, the director of photography, set designers, music composer and him had lengthy discussions about what they wanted to achieve. Lots of those conversations where conceptual. What is the main idea behind the short? What are the motivation of the characters and how to we translate those in cinematic language?

But a large part was also taking inspiration from existing material. Movies, musics, photos, paintings. Talking about them required them to be in the same room. Everyone would bring dvds, books or anything that would feed the conversation. Although enjoyable and instructive, those conversations were taking too long. Not because of the conversations themselves, but because of their logistics: they had to be in the same room and browse those movies and books. There had to be a better way.

Second, shortly after the short was completed, Guillaume set out to write a feature. It was a difficult task and he was trying to find inspiration in movies he loved. He started to watch Requiem for a dream and take notes about how the scenes where constructed, about how the character arcs where evolving. Once the movie was finished, he had several pages of notes. That was great and he learned a ton in little time.

But that would not scale. There was no way he could take notes for many movies and consult them all easily. He also wished he could simply click on a note and have the related scene open up in front of me.

Again, there had to be a better way.

He needed an app that allowed him to take notes on anything. On a moment inside a movie. On an image. On a drawing. And he had to be able to share those with his team easily.

And it should not be a one-way process. Each team member had to be able to suggest ideas easily to the rest of the team.

Researching ideas and sharing them had to become friction-less. That is what became Everytime. It has been used successfully many times now. It helped him and his teams get inspired for the visual effects they created for Avatar, Gravity and many other projects. It helped understand how other movies were created. It allowed him to complete two screenplays.

Everytime will focus on easy simple to learn and use, while providing a large flexibility of usage.
  • There are though, a few areas where Everytime needs to improve:
  • The browser extensions: This is currently limited to google chrome. The plan is to add extensions to most browsers. Next in line is Firefox.
  • The desktop app: It currently only works on Windows, Mac and Linux, but not on phones or tablet.
  • Those are also part of the plan.

Guillaume Fradin has been evolving in the media industry for more than 15 years, between London, France and New Zealand [13]. He was initially working in the research & development departments of major visual effects companies. He soon transitionned to roles that would allow him to combine artistic skills as much as technical ones. His work has then been seen in major movies such as Avatar and Gravity.

He also wrote and directed several short films. One particularly stood out and gathered attention from established directors and actors [14].

More projects from Guillaume Fradin can be found on his personal website [15].

Everytime Introduction from guillaume fradin on Vimeo.

Everytime Website: https://www.everytimehq.com
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