Trollbäck + Company Creates Animated Videos To Promote A Low-Carbon Economy


Last Updated: September 24, 2014 9:06 pm GMT
(September 24, 2014) We Mean Business (partnering with the World Bank) is a coalition of organizations and companies focused on a low-carbon economy. They needed an easy way to communicate the problem and the solution for permanent carbon pricing change. Trollbäck + Company's solution was to create a minimal graphic language system built on color and iconography. This allowed them to tell a sophisticated yet understandable story about the complexities of carbon pricing.

Trollbäck + Company is also in the process of creating five :30 animated pieces for the We Mean Business website, which will profile the various companies, such as IKEA, Apple and others that are taking steps towards carbon pricing. One of the videos was played before Apple CEO Tim Cook's presentation at the Climate Week in NYC on Wednesday the 23rd.

To watch “We Mean Business”:

To watch “The Price of Pollution”:

Design Agency: Trollbäck + Company
Creative Director: Brian Bowman
Associate Creative Director: Kelli Miller
Copywriter: Kendra Eash
Design/Animation: Rosie Garschina, Rachel Digerness, Koda Ko, Paris Glickman, Andrew Chung
Head of Production: Erica Schrager
“We Mean Business” Music: Bang
“The Price of Pollution” Music: Nylon Studios


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