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Last Updated: September 29, 2014 10:57 pm GMT
(München--September 29, 2014) Last Tuesday, the 10th anniversary staging of cinec came to an end. Business was brisk from a professional audience willing to spend its money and this created a great atmosphere for the exhibitors. The high class, varied and informative ancillary program was highly appreciated by the international audience.

Once again, the pick of the highlights was the cinecAwards ceremony held in the Emperor’s Hall (Kaisersaal) of Munich’s Residenz on the evening of the second day of the trade fair. The awards were presented by Ms. Ilse Aigner, Bavarian State Minister of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology.

The constant innovative spirit of the industry was evidenced by the quality of the 43 submissions for the award. Nine nominees were decorated for their achievements in development – seven with a technology award and the other two with the Special Award for “a clever idea”. All of the nominees offered innovations that will support and facilitate the highly complex work of film-makers.

There was a minor mistake regarding the categories in the first news flash sent during the ongoing trade fair, here is the corrected list:

Panther GmbH (Category: Camera Support / Grip) for
PRECISION LEVELLING TRACK: A track system for cameras that can easily and precisely be adjusted to uneven and non-horizontal ground.

ARRI – Arnold & Richter Cinetechnik (Category: Camera Technology / New Digital Capturing Tools) for
ARRI AMIRA CAMERA SYSTEM: A new electronic camera for the one-person-operation that is delivering highest image quality up to the frame rate of 200 fps.

AATON-Digital (Category: Other) for
CANTAR-X3: A device for audio recording at film productions to memory cards or through network connection via Bluetooth and Cloud. Resistant to humidity and heat. Futuristic design; viable for 20 years into the future.

Dedo Weigert Film GmbH (Category: Lighting Engineering) for
COMPLETE RANGE OF FOCUSING LED LIGHTS WITH ASPHERIC OPTICS: An optical system that in combination with the simultaneously developed LED light allows a very precise illumination of the recorded scene.

Vantage (Category: Optics) for
VANTAGE ONE: A new series of lenses with fixed focal length from 17.5 to 120mm and an outstanding illumination of T1.0.

ARRI- Arnold & Richter Cinetechnik (Category: Optics) for
ARRI/ZEISS MASTER ANAMORPHIC LENSES: A co-production of the companies ARRI and ZEISS. For the first time there is a combination of small size, little weight and outstanding optical quality in anamorphic lenses.

Servicevision BIS SLU (Category: Optics) for
SCORPIO LENS ANAMORPHIC 2x: A new developed series of lenses with fixed focal lengths and a totally new construction principle for anamorphic lenses. The previously frequently occurring distortion and aberration at “Cinemascope”-lenses was completely eliminated.

Special Awards:

tectum raum&zeit for

NICE DICE – THE SWISS ARMY KNIFE FOR CAMERAMEN: There is a lot of equipment to be added to modern film cameras like LEDs, microphones, monitors. For the first time there is an exceptional box with all necessary clips and adapters, facilitating the work on the set.

Screen Plane for
ULTRA MACRO 3D SYSTEM: By using just a single camera with no mirror box, a mobile and flexible recording system was created enabling impressive ultra-close-up views in 3D.

The next cinec will take place in Munich’s MOC, from Saturday 17th to Monday 19th September 2016. SAVE THE DATE!

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