Director Jeannette Godoy Calls Attention To Down Syndrome Awareness Month In October With New Film: "Free 2 Be Me"


Last Updated: October 8, 2014 6:41 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--October 8, 2014) October marks “National Down Syndrome Awareness Month,” and Director Jeannette Godoy is driving attention to that with her new documentary entitled “Free 2 Be Me.” A heartfelt documentary about a group of dancers, all of whom have Down Syndrome, the film is the triumphant story of family, love and the power of self expression through dance.

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The film follows Company Director Colleen Perry and her group of dedicated dancers and their families for their Spring 2013 Season. Through intimate interviews with family members, the film focuses on three dancers: three-year-old Natasha, and her parents, Juan and Margarita, have only just begun the journey of living with a child who has Down Syndrome. Nine-year-old Bella, one of the most high functioning of the group, she is charming and a fabulous performer. And Melissa, 19 years old, with Down Syndrome as well as Autism and heart issues. She seems to face the most obstacles.

Director Jeannette Godoy began her career as a dancer and choreographer. Most widely known for choreographing the infamous music video, “Baby Got Back,” she has traveled the world doing commercials, TV shows, festivals and more. She began her directing career in 2011 with an award-winning trip to Cannes for a spec commercial she wrote and directed, which resulted in being included in Shoot Magazine’s “New Director Showcase,” as well as Shots’ “Best New Directors of 2011.” With this documentary, she shows her true passion for storytelling and hopes to change perceptions about what people with disabilities are capable of accomplishing.

“It’s hard to get projects off the ground, especially when they’re not flashy,” says Godoy. “And even more so for a female Director. But from the moment I saw those dancers on stage, I knew I had to tell their story, and was determined to make this film. Having been a dancer all my life, I could relate to the joy that those young people experienced, performing for an audience, hearing their applause. It’s a magical feeling.

“October is ‘National Down Syndrome Awareness Month,’ and I see this as an opportunity to create awareness, advocacy and inclusion by making the film available on our website,,” adds Godoy.

The film has premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival, Docufest Atlanta, DanceCamera Film Festival; and won the Audience Award at the Lighthouse Film Festival. Director Jeannette Godoy is represented for commercials by The Traveling Picture Show Co:


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