Biscardi Creative Media adds Teranex Express as Part of 4k UHD Upgrades


Industry leading standards conversion tool added as part of 4k infrastructure upgrade.

Last Updated: October 10, 2014 4:21 am GMT
(Atlanta, Georgia--October 10, 2014) Award Winning Biscardi Creative Media (BCM) has added Blackmagic Design’s Teranex Express as the company prepares for a full slate of 4k (UHD) production in 2015. The Teranex Express is the world’s first real time SD, HD and Ultra HD broadcast up and down converter. Featuring advanced patented algorithms, Teranex Express gives visually transparent quality conversions that are mandated by major broadcasters and studios worldwide. It offers an incredible 178 SD, HD and Ultra HD conversions in full 10-bit quality complete with audio, closed captions and timecode.

“With the coming launch of Contemporary Living Network in 2015 (a multi-channel UHD network) and the need to support a slew of original 4k originated programming for CLN, we have a need for high quality up and downconversion that supports UHD” said BCM Founder Walter Biscardi, Jr. “For the next few years at least, we know we’ll be pulling from a wealth of HD originated series and raw elements that we don’t want to eliminate because they’re not UHD. With the Teranex Express we can continue to operate HD cameras and pull from HD originated raw elements to seamlessly integrate them into newer programming. The Express even opens up licensing possibilities for older SD originated shows with content that is still relatable and current since we can up convert those to UHD.”

Teranex Express features the advanced processing technology developed and patented by Teranex, which allows instant calculations on thousands of pixels simultaneously! You get full 10 bit processing, extremely high quality de-interlace and new optical quality Ultra HD scaling algorithms that interpolate images in real time with amazing detail, sharpness and clarity without artifacts. Teranex also supports conversion of up to 16 audio channels plus timecode and closed caption VANC data. Teranex Express is compatible with Dolby encoded audio, so it never has to be decoded or re-encoded during up and down conversions. With Teranex Express your subtitles are always retained and both audio and timecode always stay in perfect sync with your video.

“We have a tradition of being on the leading, and sometimes ‘bleeding edge’ of Post Production and our 4k UHD conversion is no exception. We’re thrilled to be able to add the power of Teranex to our facility and give Atlanta productions some great flexibility in distribution of original content and extend the life of previously produced content into the UHD era” said Biscardi.

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