Knock Wood: Trademarky Films unites with Hostage Films' Director Ruben Latre To Create A Bountiful Life With Bellawood


Last Updated: October 13, 2014 10:08 pm GMT
(October 13, 2014) A watermelon explodes and a glass smashes. There’s tap dancing, skateboarding, and a toddler discovering peanut butter and independence. This is a well-lived life on a Bellawood floor – it’s a messy, joyful existence, with beauty and durability underfoot. The brand spot was produced for Big River Advertising through a unique, creative collaboration between Trademarky Films and director Ruben Latre of Hostage Films.

Trademarky Films’ Producer Mark Meyers sought out a directing partner who could capture the agency concept of a bombastic slice-of-life with a cinematic touch. Meyers, a longtime producer and proponent of a cooperative approach that includes sourcing talent, was inspired by Ruben Latre’s stylized, richly layered reel. Latre’s extensive treatment was the tipping point in the selection.

“Ruben knows what he wants visually and his execution is meticulous,” affirms Meyers. “On set, Ruben, his EP Melissa Beth and I formed a great triumvirate. We all forged a nimble team that became a single unit in this production. We had a lot of creative freedom and enjoyed the process, which I believe comes through in the piece.”

Over a four-day shoot in Virginia, they made feathers fly, babies cry and Bellawood shine. Latre directed and DPd the shoot, which was captured on three cameras; the Epic Dragon, the Phantom, and a Blackmagic. In addition to producing the project, Meyers applied his extensive tabletop experience with the hands-on physics of capturing shattered glass and exploding food. A creative hybrid, director Latre also served as editor and sound designer on the brand film and TV spot. The music featured is by Keith Kenniff, with whom Latre has previously collaborated. Watch the controlled chaos unfold here:

Client: Lumber Liquidators
Brand: Bellawood

Agency: Big River Advertising

Production Company: Trademarky Films
Executive Producer, Trademarky Films: Mark Meyers
Executive Producer, Hostage Films: Melissa Beth

Director/DP/Editor: Ruben Latre/Hostage Films
Music: Keith Kenniff


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