Parent Company of Digital Domain 3.0, Digital Domain Holdings Limited, Partners With TNT to Produce 3-D Holograms of Miss Teresa Teng


Chinese pop legend brought back to the stage for old fans and new.

Last Updated: October 21, 2014 9:50 pm GMT
(Playa Vista, California--October 21, 2014) Digital Domain Holdings Limited, the parent company of Digital Domain 3.0, has entered into an unprecedented ten year agreement with TNT Production Limited to produce 3-D virtual performance holograms of Miss Teresa Teng for concerts, movies and all manner of media. Miss Teng, who passed away in 1995, is generally considered to be one of the all-time greatest Asian singing stars with generations of adoring fans. Building on the overwhelming success of the virtual performance in Jay Chou’s 2013 Taiwan and Hong Kong concerts, this partnership with the industry leading artists at Digital Domain 3.0 and the legacy of Miss Teng looks to break new ground in the world of virtual performances.

Daniel Seah, CEO of Digital Domain 3.0 and CEO of parent company Digital Domain Holdings Limited said, “It is truly and honor for us to preserve and promote the legacy of Miss Teng. The dedicated team at Digital Domain 3.0 worked closely with her foundation to bring her personality and spirit to her performances in 2013. We look to continue that close partnership and find ways for her enduring fans, as well as a whole new generation, to experience her talent for many years to come.”

In 2012 a stunned audience at the Coachella Valley Music Festival witnessed the first of its kind 3-D holographic performance when the legendary artist Tupac Shakur took the stage with rap star Dr. Dre. The artists at Digital Domain 3.0 combined first of its kind 3-D holographic projection technology with their industry leading virtual human rendering that was so lifelike some refused to believe he wasn’t actually there. The show quickly became news around the world and caught the eye of pop sensation Jay Chou. Joining up with Digital Domain 3.0 and with the blessing of the Teresa Teng Foundation, the audience for Chou’s “Opus Jay 2013 World Tour” show in Taipei were treated to a surprise three song set from Miss Teng. With additional shows in Hong Kong, Miss Teng’s ‘virtual performance’ was seen by over 100,000 and firmly demonstrated the huge appeal of this kind of performance. It was a touching tribute to her enduring talent and popularity, bringing joy to her long time fans and introducing her to a new generation.

About Digital Domain 3.0
Founded in 1993, Digital Domain (“original Digital Domain”) delivered innovative visuals for more than 100 movies including “Iron Man 3,” the “Transformers” trilogy, “TRON: Legacy” and “Titanic.” Its artists have earned multiple Academy Awards®. A creative driving force in media applications, original Digital Domain brought its artistry to thousands of commercial, video game and music video productions. The original Digital Domain also created digital humans for concert performances and co-produced the feature film “Ender’s Game.” From facilities in California and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, including its own state-of-the-art virtual production studio, the Digital Domain 3.0 Group (consisting of Digital Domain 3.0, Inc., Digital Domain Productions 3.0 (BC), Ltd. and Mothership Media, Inc.) enables the creation of extraordinary visual images in traditional entertainment and advertising.

About Digital Domain Holdings Limited
Digital Domain Holdings Limited is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 547). Digital Domain Holdings is a diversified investment holding company with its operating and investment businesses spanning Hong Kong, the US, Canada, Mainland China and other countries, encompassing such businesses as media entertainment, visual effects production, co-production of movies, property investment, trading, etc.

On 4 July 2013, the Group acquired Digital Domain 3.0 Group comprising Digital Domain 3.0, Inc., Digital Domain Productions 3.0 (BC), Ltd., and Mothership Media, Inc. Digital Domain 3.0 Group has a history of about 20 years and has manifested itself as the leading digital production company. As one of the biggest VFX service providers in the US media industry, it is mainly engaged in the production of VFX, animations and movies.

The Group will continuously explore business opportunities in our new domain of business, and will pursue other strategic investments, to create benefits for its shareholders and investors and to develop more business opportunities with greater potential. Company website:

About TNT Production Limited
The name “TNT” originates from the first letter of the English first name and family name of Miss Teresa Teng, “T” and “T”. The objective of establishing TNT is to commemorate Miss Teng’s professional commitment in her singing career and the art business as well as her active involvement in community charity activities. Her influence can be seen in places where Chinese people reside.

TNT Production Limited is principally engaged in the authorization and agency of Miss Teng’s video and audio entertainment business and related intellectual property rights worldwide. These include her concerts, musicals, TV dramas, movies, etc. TNT hopes to pass on Miss Teng’s joyful loving spirit through its operations.


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