Powerful New Update Now Available for CFE2 Equipped Monitors


Last Updated: October 21, 2014 11:33 pm GMT
(Alpharetta, Georgia--October 21, 2014) It has been several months since our last significant firmware update, but we've been very busy during that time with a ground up rewrite of the firmware. We think you will agree that it has been well worth the wait. Now Store Up to 16 3D DIT LUTs at a Time: Our DIT LUT format and supporting firmware has been updated to allow you to store up to 16 different 3D DIT LUTs on the monitor at a time as opposed to just a single LUT as in the previous firmware. Both LightSpace CMS and Lattice already export in this updated LUT format so you can start using this new functionality right away. We have also added the ability to toggle the selected DIT LUT on/off quickly with a single function button. 16 Channel Audio Loudness Monitoring: Our previous beta support of single channel audio loudness monitoring has been replaced by a 16 channel audio loudness meter. Faster Access to On Screen Time Code: Time Code can now be turned on and off more rapidly using an assigned function key instead of having to go through a menu selection. SDI Black Level Selection: This new menu toggle allows for much simpler setup of the monitor for use with full range vs. limited range signal paths. Graticules Info On/Off: The graticules information display can now be toggled on and off from the marker menu. Other Notable Changes: The default gamma setting on all CFE2 equipped units is now 2.4 and the default Luminance setting on the Video Menu is now 29. Previous defaults of 2.2 and 35 may still be selected from their respective menus. On OLED units Flicker Free Mode ON is now the default setting.


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