Disorderly Conduct's Jan Wentz Shoots International Commercial Campaigns For Audi & Nescafe


Visual Storyteller Captures Poignant Human Moments Amidst Striking Imagery

Last Updated: November 11, 2014 10:17 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--November 11, 2014) Disorderly Conduct's Jan Wentz has just completed two international commercial campaigns for Audi and Nescafe. Shot throughout Spain and Cape Town, South Africa, the new spots are releasing internationally this month and will air across Europe. A definitive visual stylist, Wentz captures incredibly poignant human moments amidst striking imagery. Wentz joined Disorderly Conduct earlier this year, his first signing in the U.S. He joins a Directorial roster that includes fellow newcomer Jesse Moss , as well as Brett Foraker, Daniel Levi, Luis Gerard, Eric Stoltz, and Francesco Calabrese.

Jan Wentz

To view Director Jan Wentz's new campaigns, go here: http://wdrv.it/1nD94d3
More Info on the Director: http://disorderlyconduct.tv/director/jan-wentz

"We were thrilled to add Jan to our Directorial roster earlier this year, and he has just completed these two, incredible commercial campaigns, which began airing in France last month," explains Disorderly Conduct EP, Ron Cicero. "The campaigns will roll out across Europe and internationally between now and the end of the year, and they are truly breathtaking. Jan is a visual storyteller who continuously walks this fine balance between sweeping visuals on a massive canvas, juxtaposed with small, human moments."

According to Wentz, the Audi campaign is a follow-up to last year's international campaign, which he also directed. "I was involved very early on in the process this time, brainstorming with the creative team lead by Gerrit Zinke (Thjnk; Hamburg)," he details. "We worked out the wide spectrum of subjects to shoot, along with choosing the music: 'No Church in the Wild' by Kayne West and Jay-Z. The music really drives the commercial. While the creative team changed slightly this year, the challenge remained the same: to produce a sweeping campaign that touched audiences in 8 or 9 different countries.


"We shot over a six-day period in and around sunny Barcelona, and the surrounding Pyrenees Mountains, featuring 12 different car models," Wentz continues. "It was challenging because we had to weave together such diverse scenes AND convey the Quattro experience in a visual, emotional way. It wasn't just about the car technology or showing the autos on various terrain but how it feels, translating the driving experience. This was an absolute dream project being involved from such an early stage. 'The State of Mind' campaign let me experiment with 'associative narratives.' It is not your typical vignette kind of film, but rather visualization of an abstract line of thought. We played out various scenarios and constructed a string of thought. It was very brave from the agency to walk along this fine line."

For the Nescafe campaign for Publicis, Dubai, Wentz shot over a period of three days in Cape Town, South Africa. "The challenge here was to use the real drawings of this young artist and blend his imaginative worlds with reality," explains the Director. "All stages of production had to be considered, so that in the end the universe felt real, integrated, and believable. We worked with the post wizards at Digital District, Paris, and with artist Armel Gaulme for the drawings and sketches. The process was very organic. All the comic strips you see were created specially for the film. He would draw the frames and paintings overnight, then we would include them in the scenes the next day. We matched drawings and locations, and vice versa. It was a fantastic journey to dive into the young talent's imagination and let it come to life."


Director Jan Wentz also recently completed two rounds of a Jeep campaign for Global Hue via Disorderly Conduct, which aired earlier this year.

Audi "Quattro" & "State of Mind"
Music: "No Church In The Wild"
Artist: Kayne West, Jay-Z
Director: Jan Wentz
DOP: Stuart Graham
Postproduction: Infected, Hamburg/ Digital District, Paris
Production Design: Pirra
Telecine: NHB, Hamburg
Coloring Artist: Panna
Editor: Sören Görth
Production Company: Markenfilm, Germany

Nescafe "Inspiration"
Agency: Publicis, Dubai
Director: Jan Wentz
DOP: Stuart Graham
Production Designer: Pirra
Editor: Sören Görth
Post Production: Digital District, Paris
Music: spockproductions, Paris
Production Company: Prodigious/NB; Paris

Last month, Disorderly Conduct announced that the company had signed Director Jesse Moss, whose critically-acclaimed documentary "The Overnighters", distributed by Drafthouse Films, commenced its nationwide theatrical run in October. Named as one of the "Top 10 Stand-Out Talents at Sundance" in 2014, Jesse Moss has shot, directed, and produced an extraordinary range of award-winning documentaries, including "Con Man," "Speedo: A Demolition Love Story," "Full Battle Rattle," and "The Overnighters."

Disorderly Conduct was founded in 2013 by Kate Cohen, Marisa Polvino, and Ron Cicero, and is sister company to film development and production company, Straight Up Films. Supporting a roster of prominent directing talent, Disorderly Conduct collaborates with leading advertising agencies and entertainment brands to create commercial content for play on mobile screens to movie screens, and everything in between.

In June, Disorderly Conduct's Integrated Campaign created by Hill Holliday and directed by Eric Stoltz (Glee, Nashville, Believe), for non-profit The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, was honored with a Gold Lion and a Bronze Clio. The company's directors have also shot commercials for Dunkin' Donuts, Jeep, MTN, Audi, Ford, and Nike. Sister Company Straight Up Films develops and produces feature films, including Transcendence, Jane Got A Gun, Away From Here, along with the upcoming Thirteen, and Apex.

"We recognize advertising content is evolving from interruption to strategic entertainment," says Disorderly Conduct Co-CEO, Kate Cohen. "Great advertising is producing water cooler moments through social media, television, and online video networks."

Marisa Polvino, Co-CEO of Disorderly Conduct, adds, "Our goal is to produce inspiring content that not only excites our Directors but helps our agency and client partners create huge opportunities to really engage audiences."

For more on Disorderly Conduct, please visit: www.disorderlyconduct.com


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