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Creative Editorial & Content Production House Opens New Location On The East Side

Last Updated: November 13, 2014 5:15 am GMT
(Austin, Texas--November 13, 2014) Creative editorial and content production house Hybrid has opened a new location in Austin, Texas. Perry Tongate of Perry Reps will rep the company in Texas and the Southeast, including Louisiana, Virginia and Florida, and work with Executive Producer Gail Butler on new business development.

“Our expansion is driven by the desire to better serve clients by offering our top tier talent just a few minutes away for Austin-based clients, or just a short flight for our clients in the Southwest and Southeast regions,” explains Susan Munro, Editor/Partner of Hybrid, who will also head up the Hybrid Austin location. “Austin is such a great city for the music, the food, and the people, it’s an exciting time to be here.”

“Relationships are important to Susan and [Editor/Partner] Michael [Bartoli],” says Tongate. “So much so that they’re willing to pass on projects when the right resources aren't available to execute them effectively. That’s refreshing in this era, and Hybrid's dedication to their craft is evident not only when you see the quality and breadth of their portfolio, but also the trust they've built with their repeat clients."

Hybrid approached the opening of the new office in the same way it approaches every project, with a lively attitude and meticulous attention to detail.

“In addition to the talent and technology, it’s important our clients feel at home and receive the five-star treatment we’re known for,” says Michael Bartoli, Editor/Partner. “And what better way to capture both sides of that experience than to house our Austin shop in a newly renovated 100-year-old Craftsman just down the road from Franklin BBQ.”

The Southwest location has already launched their official first project, an ad campaign for AT&T U-verse, highlighting the service’s many capabilities including high-speed internet and on-demand television that can be paused in one room and started again in another. Showcasing Hybrid’s storytelling abilities, the :30 spots, “Secret Meeting” and “Remix,” edited by Munro, begin with a dramatic scene in a television show and a crowded club scene, respectively, only to twist the narrative and reveal that AT&T U-verse makes everyday viewers feel like they’re part of the action of their favorite media.

To view AT&T:

Secret Meeting:


“Our talent is available to work from any of our locations as we operate with a no-boundaries philosophy,” says Munro. “We’re very pleased to be strategically aligned with Tone Visuals in Austin for color correction and visual effects, allowing for finishing under our roof or theirs. And we’ll tap into our Los Angeles artists for projects as well.”

As Hybrid continues to develop its content creation and production arms, the brand vision will remain true to its roots in creative services for ad agency and production clients, in addition to brand clientele.

At press time, award-winning editor Justin Amore is in the midst of an anti-drunk driving PSA due to air later this fall.

Spot Titles: “Secret Meeting” and “Remix”

Client: AT&T

Agency: Sanders/Wingo

SVP/Creative Director: Shanteka Sigers

Creative Director: Sam Bonds

Associate Creative Directors: Carter Pagel & Craig Brimm

Senior Copywriters: Jeff Richey & Jeremy Spencer

Junior Art Director: Jennifer Bankston

Senior Producer: Karen Fazekas

Production Company: Hello & Company

Director: Nick Spooner (now with The Sweet Shop)

Editorial: Hybrid

Editor: Susan Munro

Assistant Editor: Daniel Spencer

Post Producer: Song Cho

Executive Producer: Gail Butler

About Hybrid:

Hybrid is a commercial advertising and branded content collective founded by creative editors Susan Munro and Michael Bartoli in 2009. The Hybrid team has collaborated with the industry’s leading ad agencies and commercial directors on a multitude of brand campaigns from TV spots to branded content. Our diverse perspective and experience combine to create stories that engage, inform, delight and inspire.



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