Production Audio (with Kevin Parker)


Last Updated: November 15, 2014 2:17 am GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--November 15, 2014) Today we speak with Kevin Parker, production sound mixer for feature films, television, documentaries and more. Kevin and I discuss his techniques for capturing sound on set and in the field, proper mic placement, how to hide the lav, and some tips that will help you capture better sound. Plus Dan Chung from joins us to discuss the latest industry news.

From 13 years old, Kevin Parker has been fully immersed in sound. Since then Kevin has captured sound for countless feature films, television series, documentaries, commercials and more including the Showtime series “Brotherhood” and the new film “The Judge”. Kevin and I talk about his career, the differences between mixing sound for news vs feature films and his thoughts on the film industry as a whole. We also discuss his gear package, techniques for capturing the best sound, proper placement of a lavaliere microphone, and simple tips that will help you capture better sound.

  • Kevin’s remarkable shift from news to motion picture

  • What is a production audio engineer?

  • What is the creative side to capturing audio

  • Proper lav placement

  • Kevin’s tips and tricks for optimum sound in not-so-optimum locations

  • Building the relationship with the DOP and director

  • How to make the best use of your location scout

  • Kevin’s favorite gear and why he uses it.

  • Sanken RM-10

  • Schoeps Shotgun Microphone

  • Sanken CUB microphone

  • and more…


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