Left Brain Digital Releases Trailer for New Series, Mr. Frost, Sets Dates for Upcoming Releases


Last Updated: November 19, 2014 5:59 pm GMT
(NASHVILLE, Tennessee--November 19, 2014) LBD Productions, creators of the hit web series Johnny Dynamo, has just announced the release of their second web series, Mr. Frost. The first episode of the series is set to premiere on December 15, 2014.

After a successful first season of Johnny Dynamo, which garnered millions of views, won multiple awards and selections at major US Web Festivals, and was noted by Variety as “One of the Top 10 Web Series” of 2013, LBD Productions is expanding its production repertoire.

The new series, Mr. Frost, stars Greg Standifer as the edgy, and most definitely unique, radio personality Lazlo Frost. Unorthodox, crude and highly eccentric, Lazlo finds himself trapped, helping to save a struggling, low-level station on the outskirts of Nashville, TN.

This is the first in a long line of upcoming releases for LBD Productions. On December 25, 2015, LBD will premiere the second season of Johnny Dynamo featuring well-known actors Ter- ry Kiser and Tiny Lister. In January, they will premiere another new series, The Accidental Presi- dent, before beginning production on Justis, a unique and hard-hitting drama series.

LBD Productions has become known for producing high quality, well-scripted content and is just wrapping its first feature film, The Body Sculptor.

Joe Thomas, Founder of Left Brain Digital and LBD Productions, said, “We are excited to con- tinue our growth. We’ve built a great base here in Nashville and we’ve had some great success with our first series, Johnny Dynamo. We’re looking forward to putting out more great series, adding more name actors to our shows, and expanding into other types of content, especially feature films."

For a first look and more information on Mr. Frost: http://www.mrfrost.tv

For more on LBD Production’s releases and other projects in development: http://www.lbdproductions.net

Gary Brubaker, the WLBD Talk Radio Station manager, loses his go-to Talk Radio host, Dr. Tinsdale, under questionable circumstances. Desperate to find a replacement with no time to lose and after being turned down by every legitimate personality he can find, Brubaker is forced to call in a favor from an old college buddy, Lazlo Frost. Frost comes with his own set of prob- lems, having been taken off the air and suspended by the FCC for convincing an entire city that zombies had taken over and allegedly setting the station manager on fire.

Brubaker reluctantly brings Frost in on a temporary basis until he can find a real replacement for his missing host; but when the station's ratings go through the roof, he has no choice but to keep Frost on -- much to the dismay of sponsors, station employees and fellow host, Traci Ap- pleton.

About Johnny Dynamo
Season 2 Johnny Dynamo depicts the struggles of Robert Pierce Mitchell, a has-been television star, who was embarrassed and disgraced after a failed publicity stunt in the eighties. 25+ years later, Mitchell is attempting a comeback by remaking his wildly popular 80’s cop show with the help of 3 young upstarts that are more clueless than experienced.

In season two, Robert Pierce Mitchell finds himself out of money and in the middle of a turf war between the mob and a Hip-Hop mogul. Terry Kiser and Tiny Lister join the series as leaders of the rival factions, determined to take over Mitchell’s show – one way or another. With Kiser as mob boss Mickey Petrucelli and Lister as Hip-Hop label mogul, Mo Lotto, the second season of Johnny Dynamo is expanding to a 30 minute format and looks to build on the success of its wildly popular first season.


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