Fall Issue of Assembly Magazine For Editors Hits Digital Shelves


Last Updated: November 21, 2014 12:44 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California--November 21, 2014) Following the success of the first issue released in the spring, editing and post-production community AOTG Network has released the Fall issue of its digital magazine The Assembly this week.

The magazine is written by editors for editors, and combines discussion on post-production, technology, and innovative thinking within the film industry. It is available to download for free, for iOS and Android platforms, and in PDF format.

The Assembly is an interactive magazine, connecting the content in the articles to relevant blogs, podcasts, interviews and videos, for a more in-depth and multi-media rich experience.

Says AOTG Network’s founder Gordon Burkell, “The Internet has, in many areas, created a beautiful echo chamber for us, where we are re-assured of our beliefs and ideas. For this issue we wanted to explore the idea of breaking out of how we think on a daily basis, towards our craft, industry practices, work ethic. I hope this issue will leave readers with a new appreciation for the unfamiliar.”

The Fall issue features Bobbie O'Steen's interview with Michael Kahn about his 38-year collaboration with Spielberg, the editing of iconic Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, and the things he learned in his 49 years in the industry. The issue discusses how the portrayal of self in the cutting room affects interactions with producers and directors and offers a look at the history of user groups. Also featured is the exploration of the creative processes behind cutting commercials, and the changing landscape of education for the post industry in the digital age.

The magazine also features materials from a variety of associations, including American Cinema Editors, Australian Screen Editors, Canadian Cinema Editors, and Les Monteurs Associés.

About AOTG Network:
AOTG.com is the world’s lead social news aggregation and distribution system for Post Production. AOTG.com is designed to organize information from blogs, news sources, videos and more into a comprehensive and easily accessible system for editors to share. Founded in 2010 AOTG.com was created by a group of film editors who saw the need to organize and share post production information.

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