Territory Editor Dave Crosslin Shows His Quirky Sides For 5-hour ENERGY's Off-Beat Campaign


Director Nicolas Hill & Lucky Airlines, The LA + Detroit-Based Production Company, Brings Home The Spots’ Over-The-Top Comedic Energy

Last Updated: December 18, 2014 12:46 am GMT
(Detroit, Michigan--December 18, 2014) Territory editor Dave Crosslin’s talent and wry sense of humor were tapped for 5-hour ENERGY’s off-kilter campaign for the popular energy shot, directed by Nicolas Hill. Lucky Airlines, the Los Angeles and Detroit-based production company, also collaborated on the concepts for the spots, which are a departure from the tone of the company’s previous campaigns – bringing an over-the-top style and comedic energy to the popular brand.

The first commercial, "Yummification," opens with a series of people drinking energy shots as their exaggerated facial expressions make it clear that the taste is not pleasant. Cue the circa ‘70’s game show music, as ‘Creepy’ Clyde Brown, the iconic VO actor with a kitschy voice that captures that era, announces: “For those who still find the taste of 5-hour ENERGY a little… strong… don’t miss the 5-hour ENERGY $100,000 Yummification contest!” A young couple proceed to demonstrate the simple steps he enumerates: Mix 5-hour with your favorite beverage, name it, shoot it and send in the video for a chance to win a share of $100,000.

The pair’s excitement builds to a crescendo as money begins to fall from sky, and ‘$100,000’ flashes above their heads in big bold letters - game show style. Capping off the mayhem, a judge, dressed in colonial period garb, with gavel in hand, recites the disclaimer.

The second spot, "Yummazing," takes the campiness in another direction, with a competition challenging its customers to come up with a beverage concoction that improves upon the flavor of the energy shot by mixing it with other ingredients. A bizarre array of characters, from a weight lifter with a waxed mustache, a preppy couple in tennis whites, and a rugged lumberjack - to a deep sea diver in vintage gear dodging a giant lobster claw - each devise a unique and tasty variation.

Lucky Airlines provided a very detailed storyboard for "Yummification,” enabling Crosslin to create a spot that was a near exact execution of their concept. During an after hours session the editor did some experimenting, integrating multiple viewing angles of the contest elements by repeating and skewing the footage, which added yet another layer of humor that played right into the parody.

“The spots’ comedic energy personifies the attributes of the product with outrageous concepts, visual style, and spot-on music and casting,” says Territory executive producer, Joan Porter. “Director Nicolas Hill provided us with great footage, and Dave’s editing helped take 5-hour ENERGY’s image campaign exactly where Lucky Airlines and their client wanted it to go.”

5-hour Energy’s creative team worked directly with the Lucky Airlines, developing every detail of the final concepts and fine-tuning the briefs for the spots. Shot in L.A., director Hill and DP, Florian Stadler spent one day shooting each of the commercials. Stadler, who also did the color grading, used an Arri Alexa camera system and a Gemini 3333 Arriraw Recorder for the studio shoots. Dave Crosslin edited the spots on Final Cut Pro in Territory’s recently expanded facility.

“Lucky Airlines’ team was thrilled to have an opportunity to work both on the creative and production for a huge company like 5-hour ENERGY - and give its brand a new twist with a campaign that elevated production values, while increasing brand awareness,” says Hansen, who is currently working on a new campaign for the client.

“We had an amazing time collaborating with Dave Crosslin at Territory,” says Hansen. “His editorial acumen and storytelling sensibilities have made him an invaluable collaborator who we are planning to work with again on future campaigns.”

“Rich Hansen, Lucky Airlines’ executive producer, and Jereme Sanborn, 5-hour’s head copywriter, were incredibly open to my ideas and made this job a great collaborative experience,” says Crosslin. “The final result was a bold, comedic campaign that everyone was incredibly happy with - especially Carl Sperber, 5-hour's VP of creative, which was icing on the cake.”

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Product: 5-hour ENERGY

Genre: National Broadcast Spots

Titles: "Yummification” + “Yummazing”

Client: 5-hour Energy

VP of Creative: Carl Sperber

Head Copywriter: Jereme Sanborn

Agency: N/A

Production Company: Lucky Airlines (Detroit + Los Angeles)

Director: Nicolas Hill

Executive Producer - Rich Hansen

Cinematography + Color Grading Company: Bunte Farben (Los Angeles)

DP + Color Grader: Florian Stadler

Editorial Company: Territory (Detroit)

Creative Editor: Dave Crosslin

Executive Producer: Joan Porter

Graphics, Finishing + Audio Company: Hudson Editorial (Detroit)

Graphics Designer: Frank Marra

Finisher: Kevin Jones

Sound FX Designer: Spenser Hall

Stock Music Company: Audio Jungle

Voice Over Talent: ‘Creepy’ Clyde Brown


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