AOTG creates Game of Thrones-inspired holiday gifts for the post community


AOTG Network Gifts Post-Production Professionals Their Own Game of Thrones Sigils

Last Updated: December 18, 2014 12:57 am GMT
(Los Angeles, California--December 18, 2014) Drawing inspiration from the renowned George R.R. Martin books and HBO series Game of Thrones, the editing and post-production community AOTG Network is releasing a set of holiday gifts for post-production professionals this week. The company commissioned 5 posters in the style of Game of Thrones House sigils, with a goal to illustrate the essence of each post-production area via a single image. Full resolution images are available for download here.

Each sigil was designed to reflect the work, values and personality of professionals working in Editing, Sound, Color, VFX and Animation. From custom images and color scheme designs, to personalized mottos that depict each of these post-production groups, AOTG Network is hoping to ignite a sense of community and pride within each post-production team.

Says AOTG Network’s founder Gordon Burkell, “ has an annual tradition of giving our users a present for the holidays. This year, since so many of our members are Game of Thrones fans, we decided to bring a bit of fantasy to life for them. More importantly, post professionals are the ones that bring shows like that to life, and we wanted to celebrate their incredible work and craftsmanship in a unifying and meaningful way.”

From Monday, December 15, to Friday, December 19, AOTG Network will be releasing one image a day, from their collection of Post-Production House sigils. Users are encouraged to download, print, share and re-gift them.

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