Biscardi Creative Announces Lower Rates for Long Form Editorial


Rates starting as low as $75/hour for including documentaries, episodics, reality and features.

Last Updated: December 19, 2014 3:34 am GMT
(Atlanta, Georgia--December 19, 2014) Biscardi Creative Media announces new editorial pricing for long form projects. Editorial rates starting as low as $75/hour for projects that book a minimum of 8 weeks editorial time.

“From conversations with our clients we know that budgets are being squeezed and in some cases Producers are being forced to stay away from experienced storytellers and production facilities because the rates are simply too high,” says BCM Principal, Walter Biscardi, Jr. "Documentaries, episodics and features are what we love to do and wanted to to come up with something so we can help more projects editorially. We can lower the costs, especially for the rough cut stage of a project where oftentimes you’re feeling your way through the storylines.”

The special rate includes the editor, workstation and the shared storage server. BCM editors have delivered broadcast episodic television including “Good Eats” with Alton Brown on the Food Network and “This American Land” on PBS along with feature documentaries such as “Foul Water Fiery Serpent” and the just completed “There and Back Again, A Water Story.” Additionally the BCM team is editing original 4k programming for the soon to be launched Contemporary Living Network.

“We’re experienced editors with a full post production facility including a ProTools mixing theater and Davinci Resolve color grading suite. So we can move client stories from raw to polished very efficiently for a global clientele,” notes Biscardi. “With projects delivered projects as far away as Switzerland, you don’t have to be in the Atlanta area to take advantage of our services and the production facility. Especially for the independent productions and indie films, we know this will be a huge help to their bottom lines.”

For terms and conditions of this offer and to book a session, contact Production Manager Randy Lockey. 770-271-3427. randy (at) biscardicreative (dot) com

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