Hooligan Editor Jane Keller Gets to Know Italian Artist Maurizio Cattelan


Last Updated: January 6, 2015 9:52 pm GMT
(January 6, 2015) A slice of Axelrod's highly anticipated filmic look at Cattelan, the trailer features sundry footage of the enigmatic artist and his irreverently received works, as well as interviews with international gallerists, collectors, art critics, and other known Cattelan cohorts. The New York Times premiered the raucous trailer before it screened at the opening of a Cattelan exhibition at Sotheby’s S/2 Gallery.

To view, please visit: Maurizio Cattelan - The Movie

Led by Hooligan Senior Editor Jane Keller, who is currently editing the full-length slated for a 2015 premiere, several talents from top New York post houses contributed to the trailer, including Soloud Music, Groove Guild, Sound Lounge and Nice Shoes. Other notable contributors include DP Lucian Read and Title Designer / Flame Artist Susan Armstrong.

Keller, who is also post supervising Maurizio Cattelan: The Movie, says she is eager about reuniting the same team to finish it: "It was exciting for all of us to step out of our daily commercial-making niche and collaborate. Each vendor brought something that demonstrates just how crucial their expertise is to the greater whole of great filmmaking, both visually and sonically."

For Keller, a formally trained artist who first gained creative recognition for her installations in Boston before collaborating with Mierle Ukeles, the film marks a fitting return to the nonfiction arena, which includes her Emmy-nominated work for Nat Geo and Vital Voices: A Global Movement, directed by Barbara Kopple, among many other TV and film projects.


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