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Last Updated: January 12, 2015 10:09 pm GMT
(Burbank, California--January 12, 2015) Matthews Studio Equipment prides itself on having the right tool for any application. That was proven out recently, when Bruce Rutherford of the New Zealand Fire Service contacted MSE’s Linda Swope looking for a robust lighting stand for their third truck.

Rutherford, a Marine Electrician by trade, has been a volunteer fireman with the Service for 18 years. While they have been functioning with two traditional fire trucks, outfitted with equipment to fight fires and small things like floods, the team had the opportunity to set up another truck with more specialized equipment. “For a range of other emergency calls, which include heavy rescue gear for truck accidents, foam and foam equipment for bulk fuel fires or spills, salvage equipment to deal with storm damage – and lighting for fire scenes, road accidents and crime scenes for the police and police photographers,” Rutherford explains.

“Just after we set the truck up we were called to a road accident where a van had broken through a barrier on a bridge and ended up submerged in the harbor, killing a young father and badly hurting the passenger,” he explains. “We were called to light up for the police to investigate. I was the fire service officer in charge, and to be quite blunt, I was embarrassed with the inadequacy of our lighting support.”

Rutherford decided to do something about it. Over the next six months monies were raised for new equipment and he began doing research. “In all the wrong places,” he admits. “Local New Zealand companies weren’t much help but through their efforts and my Internet search, I turned to companies specializing in lighting for movies. Finding stands was another story. I looked at pictures online but they didn’t really help. And I wanted to spend the charity money wisely.

“Through online forums I found one article that a local photographer wrote, mentioning two stand makers. One was too small – but Matthews Stands seemed to fit the bill. I needed something that would extend to around 4.5 meters high to get the lights out of eye line and also to reduce shadows,” he explains. “I contacted Linda Swope at MSE and she was great. Even with the freight and custom feels the stands came in at almost half the price of the one quote I managed to get. And, they are everything that I hoped for.

“We have been operating them for about four weeks now and it seems like every couple of days we are getting called for lights,” he adds. “The paid staff are so impressed that the have removed most of the lighting of their truck.

“About three weeks ago we hosted around 500 representatives from other Fire Brigades around New Zealand and showed off the equipment that we have here in Tauranga, and some of the support brigades have asked for details of where to get the stands. I’ve given details to the Wellington Operational Support Unit, The Howick Fire Bridge and the lighting distributor Ashdown Ingram. I wouldn’t be surprised if MSE gets more than a few calls soon.”

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