Flanders Scientific: Powerful New Features: Video Data, CIE Scope, and much more


Last Updated: January 21, 2015 1:22 am GMT
(January 21, 2015) Starting January 21st, 2015 all new CM and BM series monitors from FSI will be shipping with some powerful new features and capabilities. All of the new features listed below are available as a free firmware update for all CFE2 equipped FSI units. Get your free update at www.FlandersScientific.com

Video Data Analyzer: This new function provides you with realtime decimal or hexadecimal readout of video data at the pixel level and importantly can be used for both active picture and horizontal / vertical blanking data analysis. See page 13 of our updated user manual for full details on everything you can do with this powerful new feature.

CIE Scope: a new dedicated function that maps full frame signal data onto a CIE diagram with the added ability to compare your current active color space vs. other standard color spaces. See page 15 of the updated user manual for important instructions and limitations related to this feature.

New Dual Input Viewing Modes: In addition to the current Side-By-Side and Picture In Picture modes we have added 3 new additional viewing modes to the PIP Menu
  • Horizontal Split Screen with optional variable wipe position.
  • Vertical Split Screen with optional variable wipe position.
  • 3D Disparity

BT.2020 Color Space Emulation: This will be available on the Color Space selection of all CFE2 equipped models, but will be of most use on wide gamut units like the CM250that cover a significant portion of the BT.2020 color gamut.


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